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The traditional PulPaper event has been fully redesigned. The next generation for PulPaper, Pulp & Beyond 2024 is the leading forum bringing together the latest forest-based bioeconomy innovations, products, services and technologies as well as key people throughout the ecosystem. It offers new encounters, inspiration, networking and business possibilities for marketing global and sustainable solutions. The event provides the widest available showcase on the latest trends, and supports learning, employer branding and competence development. The new event format will have a strong focus on sustainability, efficiency and functionality. Pulp & Beyond will be arranged on 10-11 April 2024 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in Finland.

Construction of 40,000 t recycling plant in Belgium / Reclaim of PE, PP packaging from household waste

Morssinkhof Plastics

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<p>The recycling plant in Lommel, Belgium, is to be operational by October 2024 (Photo: Morssinkhof)</p>

In cooperation with Fost Plus (Evere, Belgium; ), Dutch recycler Morssinkhof-Plastics (Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands; ) has announced the construction of a recovery plant in Lommel, Belgium. Around EUR 30 mn are to be invested in the production facility, which is to go into operation in October 2024 and is projected to have a recycling capacity of 40,000 t (input). The plant is being built in the Belgian province of Limburg, where the company plans to recycle polypropylene and polyethylene (HDPE) packaging, including milk, shampoo, detergent, and shower gel bottles. /INS

Industrial Tinting System Launch by HMG Paints to Provide Greater Flexibility

HMG Paints

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Across a myriad of industries, HMG Paints, the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, are known for their paints and coatings. However, the company is also in a unique position in that it also manufactures its own range of colourants. Now the company has added to its portfolio with the launch of KROSS Tints.

Steel Prize 2023 finalists nominated for pioneering designs


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The jury has nominated four applications who stand to win the Swedish Steel Prize 2023. The nominated applications are innovative examples of cutting-edge technology, embracing the possibilities provided by the SSAB premium steel product range. The winner will be announced May 11 at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

HJT solar module efficiency boost with new light redirecting film

Oy ICS Intelligent Control Systems Ltd

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<p>HJT solar module efficiency boost with new light redirecting film</p>

Power improvement of 3.8% achieved in solar modules with silicon heterojunction cells (HJT) in combination with a new light redirecting film.

New Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20 pushes the boundaries of valve position indication to Industry 4.0

Alfa Laval AB

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<p>Alfa_Laval_ThinkTop _V20</p>

The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20, the next generation of hygienic valve indication units, is driving digital transformation within the process industries .  Moving valve position monitoring into the Industry 4.0 era delivers competitive advantage. With automation, digitalization and real-time communication, the ThinkTop V20 raises the bar on process control, making it more reliable and accurate while saving time and money on installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Sulapac launches Sulapac® Luxe, a new sustainable material for luxury fragrance caps as part of its expanded cosmetics portfolio


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<p>Sulapac cosmetics portfolio_2023_highres</p>

B eauty brands are seeking sustainable alternatives for conventional plastic packaging – but high-end brands have high-end demands. Sulapac’s expanded portfolio, including a n ovel bio-based material ideal for fragrance bottle caps, allows cosmetic brands to meet their sustainability targets with a comprehensive range of applications, without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Neste introducing new and more sustainable lubricants produced with also renewable or re-refined base oils


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Neste is introducing a new Neste ReNew™ lubricant product family in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Poland during the first quarter of 2023. The new lubricants are produced with renewable or re-refined base oils and high-quality additives. The solution offers Neste’s customers the opportunity to reduce their dependence on crude oil based products and take a step towards a more sustainable future also with their use of lubricants.

Stora Enso and Valmet collaborate to develop next-generation lignin

Stora Enso Oyj

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Stora Enso and Valmet have started collaborating on next-generation lignin product and process development to drive Stora Enso’s lignin-based businesses and further improve the performance of the Valmet LignoBoost technology. The objective of the partnership is to further develop the quality and customer value of lignin, increase the supply by optimised process machinery and asset design, and to accelerate the speed of meeting the growing lignin demand of the future.

Access to maintenance keys can now be granted with a phone-controlled Bluetooth® key deposit


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With the new ABLOY Key Deposit for Keyless Access organisations can now grant users access to properties and critical infrastructure via their mobile phones, conveniently, without key logistics. The lock is the latest addition to the keyless ABLOY BEAT and ABLOY CUMULUS portfolios.