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Cognex Launches Flexible, Data-Driven Tunnel Solution Powered by the DataMan 380 Barcode Reader

Cognex Corporation

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<p>A Cognex Modular Vision Tunnel with 6 DataMan 380 vision systems mounted on a frame, installed over a conveyor belt moving a wide variety of packages.</p> (photo: Hand-out)

Cognex Corporation ( NASDAQ: CGNX ), the leader in industrial machine vision, today introduced the 380 Modular Vision Tunnel, a new addition to the Modular Vision Tunnel portfolio, featuring the powerful DataMan® 380 barcode reader.

DroneUp Reinvents Last-Mile Logistics With the Launch of the Industry's First Drone Autonomous Ecosystem


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DroneUp, America's leading autonomous drone delivery company, today unveiled groundbreaking technology to revolutionize last-mile logistics. DroneUp introduces its proprietary autonomous Ecosystem, integrating cutting-edge ground, air, and software products into a single platform. This marks an unprecedented move towards scalable, and economically feasible drone delivery for retailers, quick service restaurants, healthcare and other businesses.

GPR Launches Next Generation Positioning Technology for Autonomous Operations


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Ground Positioning Radar™ (GPR) proudly announces the launch of its pioneering product, WaveSense, a cutting-edge solution set to redefine the safety and reliability of autonomy.

Forest Industry Event Pulp & Beyond 2024 Is An Efficient Meeting Place


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/INS.   The renewed Pulp & Beyond 2024 event, following the footsteps of PulPaper, responds to the challenges of our time and provides an efficient meeting place. It brings together the latest forest-based bioeconomy innovations, products, services and technologies as well as key people throughout the ecosystem. The new event format will have a strong focus on sustainability, efficiency and functionality. Pulp & Beyond will be arranged on 10-11 April 2024 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in Finland. 

VPT Announces Release of the New 1600W, GaN-based SGRBX DC-DC Converter


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<p>SGRBX Series</p> (photo: Hand-out)

VPT, Inc., a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE: HEI), announces the release of the first-ever configurable box solution featuring state-of-the-art GaN technology: the SGRBX. Housing up to four award-winning SGRB DC-DC converter slices within its framework, the SGRBX delivers up to 1600 watts of output power. Utilizing the SGRB's advanced fixed frequency, reduced voltage switching topology, the SGRBX has extremely low input and output noise. In addition, the SGRBX features an integrated EMI filter, guaranteed TID performance to 100 krad(Si) including ELDRS, SEE performance to 85 MeV/mg/cm2, and high efficiency up to 96%. Multiple SGRBX boxes can be paralleled to reach higher power levels depending on program requirements.

RIGOL Welcomes New Generators and Multimeters to Ultra-Portable Instrument Family


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<p>Powerful. Compact. Affordable. The RIGOL DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro Series Waveform Generators combine competitive performance with a 7-inch HD touchscreen in a compact chassis.</p> (photo: Hand-out)

RIGOL Technologies is expanding its family of ultra-portable instruments with the introduction of the DG800 Pro and DG900 Pro Series Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators, along with the DM858 Series Digital Multimeters. Like their predecessors—the DHO800 and DHO900 Series High-Resolution Oscilloscopes—these new generators and multimeters deliver impressive performance and functionality in a compact and light form factor.

Americase Launches Customizable Li-Ion Battery Cabinet - a Game-Changer in Battery Storage Safety and Efficiency


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<p>New Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Cabinet</p> (photo: Hand-out)

Americase, a leading manufacturer of protective containers for hazmat and high value goods, announced today the launch of their latest innovation in battery storage safety—the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet. This cutting-edge, versatile mobile unit is designed to answer the growing needs for safe in-house thermal containment in businesses that manage lithium-ion batteries and associated products.

Tompkins Robotics Announces New Robotic Solution PickPallet

Tompkins Robotics

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<p>Tompkins Robotics pick assist product line: PickPal & PickPallet</p> (photo: Hand-out)

Tompkins Robotics, a global leader in robotic sortation solutions for distribution and fulfillment operations, today announced PickPallet, an autonomous pallet jack solution for warehouse and distribution centers around the globe. As the second offering in the Tompkins Robotics' PickPal product line, the PickPallet offers case-to-pallet pick assisting and pallet movement throughout a warehouse.

Elevating Shipment Visibility with BLE-enabled GPS – GPX Intelligence Launches Advanced Shipment Tracking Suite


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<p>Left to right: AssetTrack, AssetTrack Voyager Mini, AssetTrack Mini, AssetTrack Voyager, and AssetTag</p>

GPX, a leading provider of logistics and shipment tracking solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive shipment tracking suite. The newly introduced AssetTrack Voyager and AssetTrack Voyager Mini, alongside the recently launched AssetTrack product family, solidify GPX's position as a leader in providing flexible and comprehensive tracking solutions tailored to the diverse needs of businesses.

KSI Swiss Introduces 8-Axis HY2 Machines for Enhanced Precision and Flexibility in CNC Machining

KSI Swiss

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<p>Precision Meets Affordability: The KSI TCM 38HY2 – Leading Innovation in 8-Axis Swiss CNC Machining.</p>

KSI Swiss, a leading manufacturer of Swiss-style CNC automatic lathes, proudly announces the launch of its innovative HY2-Type machines, now featuring an 8-axis configuration. This groundbreaking development in the TCM series, including the TCM 32HY2 and TCM 38HY2 models, sets a new standard in the industry for precision, flexibility, and efficiency in CNC machining. The addition of the Y2 axis enables complex machining tasks to be completed more efficiently and with higher precision than ever before, offering unparalleled versatility across a wide range of applications.