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KSI Swiss Introduces 8-Axis HY2 Machines for Enhanced Precision and Flexibility in CNC Machining

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<p>Precision Meets Affordability: The KSI TCM 38HY2 – Leading Innovation in 8-Axis Swiss CNC Machining.</p>

KSI Swiss, a leading manufacturer of Swiss-style CNC automatic lathes, proudly announces the launch of its innovative HY2-Type machines, now featuring an 8-axis configuration. This groundbreaking development in the TCM series, including the TCM 32HY2 and TCM 38HY2 models, sets a new standard in the industry for precision, flexibility, and efficiency in CNC machining. The addition of the Y2 axis enables complex machining tasks to be completed more efficiently and with higher precision than ever before, offering unparalleled versatility across a wide range of applications.