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Successful start up for the fiberline upgrade at Obbola mill in Sweden

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<p>Obbola mill</p>

The SCA Obbola pulp mill’s upgraded fiberline, was started up in September 2021, according to plan. Valmet’s delivery is part of SCA’s investment project to increase the annual production of Kraftliner in the Obbola mill from the current 450,000 tonnes to 725,000 tonnes per year. With this investment, SCA Obbola will meet the increased demand for sustainable packaging.

Valmet to supply a high-capacity winder to Norske Skog in France

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Valmet will supply a high-capacity OptiWin Pro winder to Norske Skog’s Golbey mill in France. The main target of Norske Skog Golbey is to have one winder to handle the 550,000-tonne capacity of the converted high-speed and high-capacity paper machine PM 1, following the paper machine conversion from production of newsprint to production of recycled containerboard. The start-up of the winder is scheduled for 2023.

Valmet delivers all main process islands and automation for Metsä Fibre’s Kemi bioproduct mill in Finland

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<p><em>Valmet will deliver the full production process from wood handling to baling, as well as automation system for Metsä Fibre's Kemi bioproduct mill in Finland.</em></p>

Valmet and Metsä Fibre, which is part of Metsä Group, have finalized the agreement for the key technology delivery covering all main process islands and automation systems for Metsä Fibre's Kemi bioproduct mill in Finland. The new bioproduct mill will have an annual pulp production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes and in addition produce various other bioproducts. The new totally fossil fuel free mill is scheduled to start-up in the third quarter 2023.