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A Kind of Magic – Cosmetics Packaging Without Microplastic Pollution


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/ins Sulapac has launched a ground-breaking innovation. Now, water-based products can be packaged with a new bio-based Sulapac barrier that biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind

Boost aseptic process efficiency with enhanced diaphragm valves – now 25% more compact

Alfa Laval AB

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Big aseptic performance, smaller Unique DV-ST UltraPure diaphragm valves The all-new, extended range of Alfa Laval Unique DV-ST UltraPure diaphragm valves makes high-performance aseptic processing easier than ever. Fully customizable, the enhanced, ATEX-compliant range comes with slimmer stainless-steel actuators and lightweight cast valve bodies with optimized performance.

How is Ideel changing the coffee capsule industry?

Ideel Coffee ApS

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<p><em>Founders of Ideel </em></p>

Ca. 59 billion plastic and aluminium coffee capsules are produced yearly, where do most of these end up? Unfortunately, in our landfills. This obviously translates into a big global waste management issue. Ideel has made it their mission to provide its consumers with a cup of specialty coffee at the touch of a button, without being a burden to the environment. All of this while securing fairness and transparency throughout the supply chain. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s look at the details of their product!

Maritime future: This is how electric boats will look like

Candela Speed Boat AB

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Yesterday marked a moment in history, as the first time a flying electric motorboat raced a flying sailing yacht. Both designs use hydrofoils that provide superior speed and energy efficiency over conventional boats. The race points to a future where most boats, sailing or motorized, will fly above the water.

Stora Enso and Pulpex partner to produce fiber-based bottles on industrial scale

Stora Enso Oyj

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Stora Enso and packaging technology company Pulpex join forces to industrialize the production of eco-friendly paper bottles and containers made from wood fiber pulp. These renewable products will offer an alternative to PET plastics and glass. The exclusive partnership leverages Stora Enso’s formed fiber technologies and ability to convert end-products at an industrial scale.



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PALLITE®, an award-winning international designer and manufacturer of paper honeycomb board products from Northamptonshire, UK, has partnered with the logistics and transport recruitment specialists at Executive Network Group to support business leads in their transformation projects for a sustainable future.

The air purifier that eliminates all viruses, now and in the future

Genano Oy

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<p><em>Safety at work. The staff can move freely in offices equipped with Genano’s air purifiers, since the air is being disinfected from viruses 24/7. The company’s CEO Niklas Skogsteris having an informal chat with Marketing Manager Marjo Paija.</em></p> (photo: Pekka Niemi)

Covid-19 emptied the offices, but after the first euphoria of teleworking, people are now feeling lonely working at home. It would, however, have been possible to safely continue working in physical teams with the aid of Genano’s innovative air purification system, which is the only one on the market to remove ultrafine particles down to 0,003 µ m .

Bosch, Shell, and Volkswagen develop renewable gasoline with 20 percent lower CO₂ emissions

Bosch Group

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Sale of Blue Gasoline also planned at regular filling stations in the course of the year Blue Gasoline fuel contains up to 33 percent renewables. Shell will offset remaining carbon emissions through certified offset arrangements. The fuel complies with the EN 228/E10 standard and can be used in all gasoline engines. Bosch is replacing regular gasoline with Blue Gasoline at company filling stations.

Virtual pre-PulPaper created interest in next year’s themes


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On Thursday 29 April, Virtual pre-PulPaper 2021 opened the themes of the forest industry’s leading international PulPaper 2022 event to be held at Messukeskus next year. The pre-event proved necessary and the event was followed by a huge number of professionals in the field.

Lighting Norway’s tunnels


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Norway has over 1,100 tunnels with a total length of over 800 kilometers. Schréder, Phoenix Contact, and Ensto work together to light them safely.