About Us

Industrial News Service (INS) is a commercial news agency serving editors with high-quality press releases and informative articles, with a focus on business, new products, and innovations. With over 40 years of expertise collaborating with media worldwide, and a trusted reputation to match, we truly understand editors’ requirements, and share the same values in supplying content that is continually interesting, informative, and adds value for readers.

Our editorial values guarantee quality you can rely on:

We thoroughly analyse the content of every communication we work with, emphasizing the value to the end readership based on freshness, relevance, and journalistic quality.

We match the content we supply with the most suitable media, partnering with editors in their efforts to provide the maximum value to their readers.  Our professionally written press releases are supplied along with news graphics and high-quality images that meet journalistic demands.

We are an intermediary between some of the most well-known international companies and the media that shares their stories with the world. We collaborate with companies to give them the quality exposure they need, in the media whose readers appreciate their news, in a format effortlessly that satisfies editorial requirements.

We believe in promoting mutual benefit, through a collaborative approach. We value feedback from editors and take their considerations on board to fine tune the quality of our services. Our goal is to provide the kind of content that is essential to the readers of your media.

Editor’s Resource

On this website INS offers you access to the latest news stories tailored to your needs. Our press releases are available in multiple languages, offered with a variety of high-quality images. This allows editors all over the world to retrieve and process texts and pictures promptly, in an extremely useable format.


All editorial material delivered by INS is available free of charge and may be re-edited and translated at an editor's own discretion.  In return, we would appreciate if editors give us their feedback by notifying us of publications according to the instructions at the bottom of every press release and by sending us the published article electronically or by mail. This helps INS to select relevant and newsworthy material for your media.


Ben Idström

Editor in Chief