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Metso to deliver cooling solution for Aurubis Bulgaria Flash Smelting Furnace rebuild

Metso Outotec Corporation

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/INS.  Aurubis Bulgaria AD has awarded Metso a contract for a copper Flash Smelting Furnace rebuild project located in the Zlatitsa-Pirdop Valley in Bulgaria. The value of the contract exceeds EUR 10 million, and it is booked in the Minerals segment’s first-quarter 2024 order intake. 

Pulp & Beyond 2024: Vibrant discussions on climate change, green transition and the future of the forest industry


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<p>Pulp & Beyond 2024</p>

/INS.   The leading international forest industry event, Pulp & Beyond 2024, will address topics such as climate change, the green transition and the future prospects of the forest industry. The event will also feature discussions on global economy and politics, as well as the importance of innovation. Pulp & Beyond 2024 will take place from Wednesday to Thursday, April 10th to 11th, 2024, at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

ABB launches process automation solution for cold block stage of beer production


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Following the debut of its ABB Ability BeerMaker intelligent process automation control system for the hot block phase, ABB has now introduced a technology solution tailored for the cold block stage of the brewing process, aiming to enhance breweries’ operational efficiency and facilitate the adoption of digital solutions.

Master Fluid Solutions® Introduces Boron-Free TRIM® E730 Universal Soluble Oil

Master Fluid Solutions

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Master Fluid Solutions® is proud to announce the newest emulsion to join its signature line of innovative, industry-leading cutting fluids: TRIM® E730. The high-quality, universal soluble oil provides an extremely low foam, boron-free formula with exceptional machining performance.

AESUS Packaging Systems Unveils Bottle Unscrambler and Sorting Technology to the Packaging Industry

Aesus Packaging Systems, Inc

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AESUS Packaging Systems, a leader in the packaging equipment manufacturing industry, today introduced its bottle unscrambling and sorting technology. Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, pet food, vitamin, and chemical manufacturing industries, the Aesus Bottle Descrambler offers unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and customization.

Aurion - the new era of clean-tech machining

Aurion Machining Technologies Oy

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<p>The electrochemical process acts as a dry lubricant in the cutting process</p>

Aurion Machining Technologies Oy (“Aurion”) has developed new technology – using ionized air - as a trailblazing clean-tech alternative for metal working fluids and emulsions in parts manufacturing. Ionized air is ideal for achieving high quality machining results – and it is safe for employees and environmentally friendly Aurion technology is fully compliant with modern sustainability regulations which require end-to-end clean-tech solutions Aurion technology is the response to increasing concern that metalworking fluids contribute significant carbon emissions on global basis

Aetina Introduces New MXM GPUs Powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace for Enhanced AI Capabilities at the Edge


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<p>Aetina Introduces New MXM GPUs Powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace</p>

Aetina, a leading global Edge AI solution provider, announces the release of its new embedded MXM GPU series utilizing the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture – MX2000A-VP, MX3500A-SP, and MX5000A-WP. Designed for real-time ray tracing and AI-based neural graphics, this series significantly enhances GPU performance, delivering outstanding gaming and creative, professional graphics, AI, and compute performance. It provides the ultimate AI processing and computing capabilities for applications in smart healthcare, autonomous machines, smart manufacturing, and commercial gaming.

Pudu Robotics Launches KettyBot Pro For Personalized Customer Experience

Pudu Robotics

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Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robotics, today launched KettyBot Pro, the next generation of its industry-leading delivery and reception robot. Enhancements in the new generation include immersive engagement and personalized advertising, cutting-edge cameras that allow for navigating even narrower passageways, first-of-its-kind smart tray inspection based on visual sensors, and more color options.

Wild Goose Filling Launches Canning Systems for Craft Distilleries

Wild Goose Filling

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Wild Goose Filling, a U.S. manufacturer of canning and bottling systems for beverage producers worldwide, has released their Spirit line of canning machines. Spirit canning systems allow distilleries to package carbonated cocktails, still liquor, and other high-proof and ready-to-drink beverages.

Celgard and Æsir Technologies Forge Strategic Alliance to Drive Industry Innovation in Nickel-Zinc, Zinc-Air and Lithium-Zinc Batteries


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Celgard, LLC (Celgard), a subsidiary of Polypore International, LLC (Polypore), is pleased to announce a newly formed Alliance with Æsir Technology, Inc. (Æsir), a leading manufacturing company that specializes in developing next-generation Nickel-Zinc battery technology. This chemistry offers a stable cost-effective recyclable option with energy density in between lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, making it an ideal choice for many applications.