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New food packaging: The environment and stiffness ticked all the right boxes for SAS

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When SAS commissioned the development of a new form of packaging for its inflight meals the airline chose the folding box board Incada from Iggesund as its base material. © Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, info@bildbolaget)

/INS. Paperboard is a promising material for airline food packaging – it has low weight, can be barrier coated, and can be finished to the required level of elegance and quality feel. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has recently introduced a new food box made of the folding box board Incada.

Elegant beverage cups reinforce a brand and reduce the environmental impact

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Printed in one colour but with an embossed pattern and message, the Invercote cup is extremely elegant. It also has a far lower environmental impact than plastic cups. © Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. How elegant can a beverage cup made of a paper material be? Paper cups can range from being simple, white and anonymous to being heat-resistant and brand carriers. Everything depends on what construction, material and level of converting you want to use.

Holographic footballs decorate World Cup champagne

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For the football World Cup Taittinger has created an elegant gift carton made of Incada from Iggesund Paperboard and decorated with holographic footballs. © Iggesund<br /><br /> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. The Taittinger champagne house is supplying the official champagne for this year’s football World Cup. The company has developed a limited edition Brut Réserve NV and a gift carton especially for the competition.

Iggesund’s fossil-free mill: The vision is within reach

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Iggesund Mill’s new recovery boiler – which was completed in 2012 at a cost of about EUR 250 million – is one of the basic requirements for being able to operate the mill without using any fossil fuel.© Iggesund (photo: Rolf Andersson,,tel.+46705535447,Sweden)

/INS. “We’re getting close to the vision of a fossil-free mill that we’ve lived with and that has driven our investments for a long time,” says Mill Director Olov Winblad von Walter. “Our new recovery boiler, which came on line in spring 2012, is getting better and better as we fine tune it, and our increasing pulp production is also boosting our energy production.”

A quality paperboard reduced the total cost

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“Invercote is far from being the cheapest option if you only look at the price per kilo but its properties enabled us to save £14,000 by not having to laminate,” says Gary Peeling, CEO of Precision Printing. © Iggesund (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. “Choosing the right paperboard reduced the cost of the entire production,” says Gary Peeling, CEO of the family-owned printers Precision Printing in Barking in east London. “Not only that — if we’d taken the cheap route in choosing a material, we couldn’t have done the job.”