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Sustainability at Iggesund: A key factor in all decisions

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<p>“A wooden bridge within an industrial site must of course be suitable for its purpose and good from a sustainability and durability perspective. But the fact that it is also beautiful is an added plus,”  Anna Mårtensson.©Iggesund<br /><br /></p> (photo: Photographer: Per Trane)

/INS. Many small steps add up to large ones. That’s a simple way to sum up Iggesund Paperboard’s environmental work. It is easy to give examples of Iggesund’s multi-million euro investments and their importance. But the company also makes many smaller investment decisions which have important environmental aspects. One of these is the wooden bridge that links the mill at Iggesund with the wastewater purification facility on the adjacent island of Skälön.

Iggesund’s challenge to designers: 200 ideas for better packaging

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/INS. When Iggesund Paperboard challenged the world’s designers to create better and more sustainable consumer packaging the result was almost 200 design proposals. The company has now selected three of these to receive a reward and also opened a dialogue with more designers about being able to use their creations in various contexts.

Iggesund is adding services in Asia

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<p>© Iggesund</p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget (fd )

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is enhancing its distribution service in Asia. The main aim is to shorten lead times and thereby give Asian customers better service.

Iggesund develops its European service

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<p>Christina Törnquist</p> (photo: Rolf Andersson,,tel.+46705535447,Sweden)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is taking major steps to further develop its delivery service. The company will now expand its long-term cooperation with SCA, which dates from 1995. As of summer 2016 about 1,000,000 tonnes of paperboard, paper and pulp will be shipped annually via the new transport link to and from Kiel. Together SCA and Iggesund have the necessary volumes to create cost-effective transport solutions with a high service level to continental Europe. The change involves the vessels and also a new main terminal in Germany.

Iggesund expanding services for Russia

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<p>“Russia is a hugely promising major market that definitely has room for a high-end product like Invercote,” says Rikard Papp.</p>
<p> </p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is expanding its services for Eastern Europe by establishing a new freight terminal in Riga, Latvia, and a sales office in Moscow to boost Russian sales. The newly established units are a step forward in Iggesund’s long-term plan to cultivate its delivery services on a global scale.