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Elegant beverage cups reinforce a brand and reduce the environmental impact

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Printed in one colour but with an embossed pattern and message, the Invercote cup is extremely elegant. It also has a far lower environmental impact than plastic cups. © Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. How elegant can a beverage cup made of a paper material be? Paper cups can range from being simple, white and anonymous to being heat-resistant and brand carriers. Everything depends on what construction, material and level of converting you want to use.

Боремся с трением с помощью химии и инноваций

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The Nanol Technologies Helsinki team – a good combination of enthusiasm and experience. From left trainee Zacharias Wulff, Johan von Knorring, Tuula Leppälä, Richard Fagerholm, and Luis Pereira.© Ab Nanol Technologies Oy (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. Сегодня нанотехнологии могут эффективно бороться с трением и применяются во многих сферах: от производства косметики до красок, от сталелитейных заводов до зубной пасты. Нанотехнология также используется в производстве смазочных материалов. Как могут микроскопические частицы снижать расход углеводородного топлива и продлевать срок службы деталей в тяжелых и огромных машинах, используемых в судоходстве, на железных дорогах, добыче и обогащении полезных ископаемых и в тяжелой промышленности?

Ruukki showcases Ramor protection steels at DVD2014 in Millbrook, Bedfordshire

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Jani Kastell, Director, Ramor steels at Ruukki. © Ruukki

/INS. Ruukki, a European steel manufacturer and supplier, is exhibiting its Ramor protection steels at the DVD2014 exhibition in Millbrook, Bedfordshire on 25-26 June 2014. Ramor protection steels are for applications where high ballistic resistance or blast protection is required. Ramor is mostly used for armoured vehicles, doors and systems for transporting valuables. Ramor 450 is Ruukki’s latest protection steel for the manufacture of armoured vehicles and now enables steel for the entire armoured vehicle frame to be sourced from the same manufacturer.

Fortaco opens sales office in Germany as part of European expansion

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From drilling-rigs to cabin assemblies, Fortaco is a leading manufacturing partner for the engineering industry. ©Fortaco Group Oy<br />  (photo: Jan Lonnberg)

/INS. Today’s heavy industries are built on partnerships. Complex projects in the construction, mining, forestry, agriculture and energy sectors increasingly depend on sub-contractors and partners to build machinery or develop engineering expertise to turn plans into results.

Konecranes doing what it does best: Cranes

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<p>Konecranes Industrial Cranes Operating in the Manufacturing Sector.© Konecranes</p>
<p> </p>

/INS. For over 80 years Konecranes has provided an extensive range of cranes, for light duty applications and demanding process use. The global crane group, through its 6 branches in South Africa, supplies bridge, gantry, and wall console cranes that can be equipped with a wide variety of lifting devices.

Reliable industrial crane applications from Konecranes

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Konecranes Industrial Cranes Operating in the Manufacturing Sector.© Konecranes

/INS. For over 80 years, Konecranes has been dedicated to helping improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of industries. As a result of its experience and commitment to engineering excellence, the company has continuously provided lifting applications that combine both reliability and maximized lifecycle value.

Walki's new wide biomass cover doubles the energy content of logging residue

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<p>Using a wider biomass cover laminate can more than double the effect on Dry Matter Content. Walki is the only one on the market who offers six meter meter wide cover. © Walki Group</p>

INS/ Walki's paper-based and waterproof biomass cover protects logging residue stored on the ground, maximising the energy content of this inexpensive and easily accessible source of biofuel. Walki now offers a new six meter wide cover substantially increasing the energy content.

Holographic footballs decorate World Cup champagne

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For the football World Cup Taittinger has created an elegant gift carton made of Incada from Iggesund Paperboard and decorated with holographic footballs. © Iggesund<br /><br /> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. The Taittinger champagne house is supplying the official champagne for this year’s football World Cup. The company has developed a limited edition Brut Réserve NV and a gift carton especially for the competition.

Eltete delivers turnkey carton board pallet plants anywhere in the world

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Paper Roll-to-Paper Pallet and APPA technology is a versatile piece of engineering art according to Marko Virtanen, sales director of technology at Eltete. © Eltete (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Eltete's carton board pallet is four times lighter than a normal wooden pallet, which makes it possible to load significantly more freight and save on transport costs. But the main thing is that carton board pallets can be manufactured automatically on an industrial and economical scale anywhere in the world.

Pankaboard invests in new headbox and sheeter to enhance product quality and customer service

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Pankaboard invests in new headbox and sheeter to enhance product quality and customer service. © Pankaboard (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. Pankaboard continues with their investment program for development of quality and service of their uncoated speciality boards from BM3.

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