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Belaz wins Swedish Steel Prize 2014

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Belaz, winner 2014 Swedish Steel Prize<em>© SSAB</em>

/INS. This year’s winner of the international Swedish Steel Prize is Belaz from Belarus. The prize was awarded for the company’s innovative and new construction for axle suspension and slewing bearings for the world’s largest dump truck. The new construction takes full advantage of the properties of high-strength steel.

Swedish Steel Prize finalists 2014

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SSAB-Swedish-Steel-Prize-Timo-Penttimies<em> © SSAB</em> (photo: Ari Nakari)

/INS. New, innovative solutions, high quality and increased competitiveness characterize this year’s four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize, the winner of which will be announced at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on November 20, 2014.

Vale é finalista do Swedish Steel Prize pela grelha sob moega para mineração resistente e eficiente

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Swedish-Steel-Prize-Vale<em>© SSAB</em>

/INS. Por desenvolver uma grelha para mineração altamente durável fabricado em aço de alta resistência que otimiza a produção, a Vale é finalista do Swedish Steel Prize 2014.

How the EU Sulphur Directive for Marine Fuels offers an opportunity for innovation in fuel saving technologies

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When Nanol’ s patented lubricant additive was tested the vessels achieved a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. © Ab Nanol Technologies Oy

/INS. With most ship owners switching to Marine Gas Oil inside designated Emission Control Areas as of January 1st 2015, the cost of fuel could rise by up to 50%, so all measures to reduce fuel consumption are vital. Research and field testing has shown that the latest developments in engine lubrication and unique marine energy management systems can add more than a 15% improvement in fuel efficiency, proving that even the smallest modification at the right time can add up to big savings. 

Remolque innovador y ligero de Santander, finalista del Swedish Steel Prize de 2014

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/INS. Por desarrollar el remolque para el transporte de bebidas de unión transversal y conseguir un remolque ligero y más eficiente de acero de alta resistencia, Santander Equipos es uno de los finalistas del Swedish Steel Prize 2014.

Финалист Swedish Steel Prize 2014 карьерный самосвал с рекордной грузоподъемностью 450 тонн

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/INS. Успешная разработка компании «БЕЛАЗ» — самый большой самосвал в мире с поворотными мостами и кузовными компонентами из высокопрочной стали — вывела ее в финал премии Swedish Steel Prize 2014.

From Carnaby Street to global recognition

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“Invercote’s tear resistance and dimensional stability are incredibly important to us as a company making sophisticated moveable constructions from paper material,”- Lucio Santoro© Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, rolf@bildbolaget)

/INS. It all began with a small design studio on a little road off Carnaby Street. SANTORO was Lucio and Meera Santoro’s small-scale venture into innovative graphic design. Today their work is found around the world and they have won some 50 international awards for their designs, greeting cards and 3D books.

Iggesund pushes ahead with fossil-free energy

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Workington mill (photo: Per Trane')

/INS. Iggesund’s paperboard mill at Workington, England is planning to invest in wind power. Together with its sister company Holmen Energi, which manages the Holmen Group’s hydro and wind power assets, the mill plans to build three wind turbines on its site.

22,000 unique covers

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<p>Each and every one of the 22,000 covers of Iggesund Paperboard’s inspirational magazine Inspire is unique, with variable printing of colour fields, varnish patterns and time codes. © Iggesund</p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren)

/INS. When Iggesund Paperboard planned the first digitally printed cover for its inspirational magazine Inspire, the ambition level was high. The whole issue was devoted to the possibilities of digital print, and one of the goals was to produce 22,000 unique covers in a way never done before.

Día Mundial de la Diabetes: Encontrando soluciones para el tratamiento de la pérdida de la visión.

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Valon Multispot Laser: el Fotocoagulador más rápido. © Valon Lasers Oy (photo: Karoliina Ek)

/INS. El número de casos de diabéticos están incrementando significativamente alrededor del mundo, lo que significa, qué se espera que el número de casos de retinopatía diabética aumentará también. La retinopatía diabética es la causa más frecuente de nuevos casos de ceguera en los adultos. 

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