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Iggesund invites international designers

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“How is the forest managed and how adapted are the methods to the forests own life cycle? Johan Granås, Iggesund, explains to the participants in the Iggesund Design experience 2013.” © Iggesund<br /><br />

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard, manufacturer of the world-leading paperboard Invercote, is inviting designers from all over the world to participate in a unique learning experience. From those who apply, 20 will be chosen to join the Iggesund Design Experience in Sweden in June 2015.

Virgin fibre a necessity in chocolate packaging

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The Origin Box is made of three kinds of paper material, of which two, Invercote and Incada, are made by Iggesund Paperboard.© Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren,

/INS. “When we choose the paperboard for chocolate packaging, the decisive factor is taste and odour neutrality. Of course the paperboard must be suitable for the construction we have chosen but if we do not minimise the risk of the chocolate acquiring an off-taste from the packaging material then the rest does not matter.”

UPM reduced work-related accidents by 70% in three years

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UPM reduced work-related accidents by 70% in three years © UPM

/INS. UPM has significantly reduced work-related accidents with a three year program called “Step Change in Safety 2012–2014”. UPM’s lost time accident frequency* (LTAF) has decreased by 70% from 15.2 in 2012 to 4.4 in 2014.

Bio-Gate AG signed a licencing agreement with VetBiotek for the strategically important veterinar market segment

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/INS. Nürnberg, (Feb. 2, 2015) – Bio-Gate AG, Germany announces today that it has signed a license agreement with VetBiotek for marketing and selling products in the veterinary channel that feature Bio-Gate’s MicroSilver BG™ technology, a pure silver powder consisting of highly porous and micro-sized particles of medical-grade silver. The products distributed by VetBiotek will be used for dermatological applications associated with companion animals. The patent rights granted to VetBiotek are exclusive for the United States and Canada and non-exclusive elsewhere.

Iggesund’s challenge to designers: Improve the packaging in your local shops!

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Iggesund is challenging designers to make everyday consumer packaging more sustainable by replacing plastic, glass and metal with paperboard. © Iggesund<br /><br /> (photo: Andersson Rolf, Bildbolaget V�stervik)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is working via the American crowdsourcing company Crowdspring to challenge the world’s designers to improve existing consumer packaging.

Invercote upgrade - an adaptation to market demands

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©Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, www.bildbolaget.)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard announces an upgrade to its flagship product, Invercote. From summer 2015 the bestselling paperboard in the Invercote family, Invercote G, will feature a lightly coated reverse side.

Pankaboard delivers more value for customers in 2015 through product development

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Christer Nordman, Vice President Sales & Marketing, comments, “We are proud to offer our customers more value from our product development investments by providing new cost saving opportunities. © Pankaboard

/INS. Pankaboard is set to deliver a significantly improved yield for PankaMax, PankaDisc and PankaSeal from January 2015, thanks to recent investments in the uncoated specialty paperboard machinery.

Paperboard gift cards lessen the environmental impact of Christmas

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Switching from plastic gift cards to paperboard ones is an easy way for companies to reduce their environmental footprint. © Iggesund<br /><br />

/INS. What can we give as a Christmas present when we don’t know what the other person wants? A gift card is one option that always works. But gift cards have changed over the past decade or so. What used to be a written commitment has become packaged offerings of money, experiences, music or other items, often in the form of a credit-card-sized PVC card.

Konecranes has every stage of the pulp and paper industry process covered

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Konecranes develops paper mill cranes to help boost long-term reliability and minimize ownership costs.© Konecranes

/INS. The paper manufacturing is characterized by a long and complicated process. From the transformation of wood into pulp, over the winding paper web into rolls, and subsequently the rewinding and cutting of these giant rolls into smaller ones, through the automatic storage for converting, sheet cutting, or customer delivery. The paper mill works fast, and the products need to be shipped on time to meet demanding customer schedules. Unexpected downtime can’t be afforded.

Iggesund invests in organic growth

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Manufacturing capacity for Incada in Workington, England will increase by 20,000 annual tonnes. © Iggesund (photo: Rolf Andersson)

/INS. The board of the Holmen Group, which includes Iggesund Paperboard, decided on Wednesday to give the green light for investments totalling EUR 60 million in Iggesund’s mills at Iggesund, Sweden and Workington, England.

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