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Iggesund develops its European service

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<p>Christina Törnquist</p> (photo: Rolf Andersson,,tel.+46705535447,Sweden)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is taking major steps to further develop its delivery service. The company will now expand its long-term cooperation with SCA, which dates from 1995. As of summer 2016 about 1,000,000 tonnes of paperboard, paper and pulp will be shipped annually via the new transport link to and from Kiel. Together SCA and Iggesund have the necessary volumes to create cost-effective transport solutions with a high service level to continental Europe. The change involves the vessels and also a new main terminal in Germany.

Unique vehicle mover reduces physical strain on staff

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<p>© Stringo</p>

/INS. Stringo S3, the latest generation of vehicle mover, has been developed to focus on the operator and the handling technique. This means improved ergonomics and greater safety for both the operator and the vehicle.

Enhanced delivery reliability thanks to a new production line in Walki

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<p>The new production line at Valkeakoski will enable shorter lead times. Kari Salminen, Ahti Vuorinen and Janne Ahonen inspecting the facings. © Walki Group Oy</p> (photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala)

/ INS. The demand for multilayer laminates is increasing and there is an extensive growth potential, particularly in the construction business. Walki is answering to this demand by investing in a new production line at its Valkeakoski plant in Finland.

Iggesund expanding services for Russia

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<p>“Russia is a hugely promising major market that definitely has room for a high-end product like Invercote,” says Rikard Papp.</p>
<p> </p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, Bildbolaget)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard is expanding its services for Eastern Europe by establishing a new freight terminal in Riga, Latvia, and a sales office in Moscow to boost Russian sales. The newly established units are a step forward in Iggesund’s long-term plan to cultivate its delivery services on a global scale.

New high-tech features make SMARTON® ― the intelligent crane from Konecranes ― even smarter

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<p>The new SMARTON tablet -  developed to make crane operator’s daily work easier and efficient. © Konecranes</p>

/INS. The heavy duty overhead crane SMARTON is designed for demanding processes, assembly, and maintenance use. SMARTON lifts from 6.3 to 250 tons with a single trolley, and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. The intelligent crane has been adopted by many of the world’s leading industrial companies, because it offers the right mix of mechanical excellence, lifting intelligence, and service support. Konecranes has now further developed its flagship crane. The main focus of the updates lies on the improved user interface, facilitating the operation for crane operators, customer service crews, and customer management.

Slovenian automotive supplier CIMOS with growth offensive

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<p>CIMOS logo</p>

•    Turbocharger- and light metal components to drive forward business following completion of self-administered insolvency schem •    CIMOS reaching net profit in Quarter I of 2015 /INS. Slovenian automotive supplier CIMOS, headquartered in Koper, is back again to generate strong growth in its European markets. The announcement was made by the company after the official completion of its self-administered insolvency proceedings. The financial and operational restructuring process began in May 2014 and improvements continue to be made. In Quarter I of 2015 CIMOS has already reached Net profit and Management expects sales and profitability to be in line with plan in 2015.

Asylum – an installation created in an industrial setting

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<p><br />Artist Nils Olof Hedenskog is the artist in residence at Iggesund Paperboard and is working on an installation called “Asylum”. © Iggesund<br /><br /></p> (photo: Joakim Brolin)

/INS. In an industrial workshop in Strömsbruk in northern Sweden, multimedia artist  Nils Olof Hedenskog is working up a sweat. Within six months he will create an installation that it is hoped will attract interest from many art institutions around the world. The raw material is paperboard and he is working with Invercote from Iggesund Paperboard.

Iggesund Paperboard stärkt Vertrieb in Deutschland

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<p>Frederique Rosenauer © Iggesund</p> (photo: Photographer: Per Trane)

/INS. Der europäische Papier- und Kartonmarkt verändert sich. Iggesund Paperboard, der Hersteller von Invercote und Incada, baut seinen Vertrieb auf dem deutschen Markt aus und passt ihn an die neuen Gegebenheiten an.

Iggesund Paperboard invests even more in service in the UK

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<p>Brendan O'Sullivan</p> (photo: Photographer: Per Trane)

/INS. Invercote and Incada, the quality paperboards from Iggesund Paperboard, have gained added distribution in the UK via a distribution agreement with the merchants Antalis and Elliott Baxter. Iggesund is now taking yet another step and introducing the warehousing and sheeting of Invercote at a distribution centre in the UK.

SSAB introduces a new dimension program for heavy plates

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/INS. SSAB has broadened its dimension program and maximum plate weight for its heavy thick plates*. Plates are now available up to 18 tonnes, which makes processing for a wider range of applications more cost-efficient. All steel grades are available in these new formats according to the respective dimension program.

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