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Improved availability of Iggesund’s premium paperboards

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<p>Iggesund’s specialised range for digital print is stocked by Antalis in the UK whereas for other uses Iggesund has two merchants distributing Invercote and Incada - Antalis and Elliot Baxter & Co. © Iggesund</p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren, www.bildbolaget.)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard have in recent months been re-structuring their merchant network in the UK for its solid bleached board brand family Invercote and Incada, its folding box board brand.

Handwritten resistance to smartphone use

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<p>“It’s a cultural achievement to promote writing by hand,” says Bernard Bouvet, chairman of the French Union Professionnelle de la <em>Carte Postale<strong> (</strong></em>UPCP). © Iggesund</p>

/INS. How can we persuade schoolchildren and teenagers to loosen their grip on their smartphones and write by hand instead? Bernard Bouvet is chairman of the Union Professionnelle de la Carte Postale, (UPCP), an advocacy organisation for the postcard industry in France. He may not have all the answers but he is at least practising active resistance. In recent years UPCP has put both itself and postcards on the map by creating the writing week Semaine de l’écriture, which aims to teach schoolchildren the value of writing texts by hand. Iggesund Paperboard has supported the campaign since its inception by providing materials for the postcards used in the various writing activities.

Iggesund further reduces carbon emissions

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<p>The new recovery boiler at Iggesund Mill greatly reduced emissions of sulphur and particulates and enabled the mill to operate on 99.1 per cent biofuel during 2014.© Iggesund</p> (photo: Rolf Andersson, info@bildbolaget)

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard’s Swedish pulp and paperboard production facility, Iggesund Mill, reduced its fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 86 per cent from 2013 to 2014 from what was already a low level. The reduction is partly due to the investment in a new recovery boiler, which was completed in 2012.

Invercote G from Iggesund : Upgraded for better digital printing

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“For a company like ours that offers top-quality stiff paperboard, the explosive development of digitally printed packaging offers huge possibilities,” Fredrik Lisinsk© Iggesund (photo: Rolf Lavergren, www.bildbolaget.)

/INS. “We’re seeing almost an explosion of digitally printed folding cartons. For a company like ours which offers stiff paperboard of the highest quality this is a terrific development,” comments Fredrik Lisinski, who is responsible for developing Iggesund Paperboard’s sales to the digital print market.

Iggesund invites international designers

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“How is the forest managed and how adapted are the methods to the forests own life cycle? Johan Granås, Iggesund, explains to the participants in the Iggesund Design experience 2013.” © Iggesund<br /><br />

/INS. Iggesund Paperboard, manufacturer of the world-leading paperboard Invercote, is inviting designers from all over the world to participate in a unique learning experience. From those who apply, 20 will be chosen to join the Iggesund Design Experience in Sweden in June 2015.