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Niilo Pöyhönen appointed Member of the Board in Kotkamills Oy


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/ins . Mr. Niilo Pöyhönen M.Sc. Econ. has been appointed a Member of the Board of Kotkamills Oy, effective from August 1 st , 2017.

SPECIM secures a 3.5 M€ investment by Bocap, strengthens its global market position

SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd

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/ins . SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd. has agreed to an investment of EUR 3.5 million by Bocap SME Achievers Fund II Ky, with the aim to double its current 10 M€ revenues by 2020.

Secure performance: Prevent problems before they occur

Alfa Laval AB

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/ins . Service tips for your hygienic equipment

Save time and lost revenue with this easy valve matrix solution

Alfa Laval AB

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/ins . Processes in hygienic industries - such as beverage, food, dairy, pharma and personal care - are becoming increasingly complex. Some of the challenges include higher volumes, increased efficiency, reduction in water and energy use. That is why it is essential to optimize flow management without compromising flexibility, plant safety, product quality or hygiene.

Secure easy selection and more uptime with new one-type-fits-all valve actuator

Alfa Laval AB

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/ins . Things to consider when choosing an actuator: 1. How many types of actuators would I like in my plant? 2. How can I ensure reliable, trouble-free performance? 3. How can I have efficient valve control and minimize human error?

The New Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light can reduce the risk of hospital infections

Merivaara Corp.

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/ins . The Merivaara Q-Flow TM surgical light improves the working environment in operating rooms, and also offers a new way to reduce the risk of infections.

Breakthrough in the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects machinery

thyssenkrupp Materials Services

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/ins . •    IIoT platform “toii” is an in-house development that connects machines of different makes and generations         •    Due to predictive maintenance the platform is also supposed to forecast the necessity of machine services in the future         •    Processes can be planned and coordinated optimally and flexibly

Farming module provides locally produced food all year round


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/ins . A new, unique solution enables profitable ecological cultivation in urban environments

Intelligent consumable and tool dispensers for e-commerce and Industry 4.0

Bedrunka+Hirth Gerätebau GmbH

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/ins . The Supplix procurement system by Lerbs relies on Bedrunka + Hirth automatic vending machines.

An invention from Germany that moves the world: the bicycle is celebrating its 200th anniversary

Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg

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/ins . Baden-Württemberg, June 2017. For 200 years, the bicycle has provided us with envi-ronmentally friendly mobility. The history of this revolutionary invention from Germa-ny begins on 12 June 1817 in the city of Mannheim. Today, the bicycle is one of the predominate forms of transportation the world over. For the 200th year anniversary of the “first bicycle ride”, Germany is looking back to the origins of individual mobility and to the place where it all began: Mannheim, today the third-largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg –. Baden-Württemberg, in particular, is celebrating the bicy-cle’s bicentenary in 2017 by hosting many special activities and events.

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