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James Cropper indulges Australia with luxury food contact paper

James Cropper

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 /INS . British master papermaker James Cropper is set to take a bite of the Australian food packaging industry with the launch of its luxurious food contact-approved range of papers, Dolcelicious.

Energy-saving membrane tackles moisture

Walki Group

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/INS. Moisture in buildings is a big problem in the construction industry. Trapped moisture, either due to external intrusion or condensation from within, causes dampness, damages structures and can lead to mould that has serious health implications. Walki has developed a new, unique membrane that prevents humidity from getting to the structures of the building. Walki®Active is a dual-purpose, vapour variable membrane made from PP non-woven and a functional film layer. The variable water vapour barrier property makes Walki®Active ideal for circumstances where there are big variations in temperature and moisture.

A Christmas card with 44,000 variations


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/INS. Iggesund Paperboard’s tradition of producing sophisticated Christmas cards continues. One says every single snowflake is unique and so will the Christmas card 2016 also be. This year Iggesund has created a snowflake that can be folded in many thousands of possible variations, from crystal white to winter blue colours.

Paikallisuus valttia Ruotsissa

Scandicorp AB

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/INS. Kun Suomen talouskasvu jatkuu vaatimattomana, yhä useamman suomalaisyrityksen katse suuntautuu kotimarkkinoita selvästi nopeammin kasvavaan Ruotsiin.

mfore’s Patient Engagement to pilot under World Bank’s IFC initiative


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/INS . mfore has reached another milestone by being selected to pilot patient engagement with Regency Healthcare in India under the TechEmerge programme. The programme is an IFC – World Bank group initiative, which is first of its kind for proven technology companies around the world that are looking to grow their business in emerging markets.

Baltic Yachts moves motor yacht on air bearings


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<p>© Solving</p>

/INS. The Ostrobothnian boat building yard Baltic Yachts (Finland) received a contract to modernise an 85 ft motor yacht. To move the yacht into the production hall and out again after the refit Baltic engaged Solving and their air bearing rigging service. Air film technology, using low-profile modules, was the only safe way to move the yacht because the clearance between the top of the yacht and the door opening was only a few centimetres.

Solving Sweden AB manufactures air bearings for 25 years


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<p>Anders Mattsmyr är produktionsansvarig för lufkuddetillverknigen på Solving Sweden AB. © Solving</p>

/INS. This year 25 years have passed since Solving Sweden AB was founded and Solving took over the manufacture of air bearings in Västerås from BT Movit. Production has continued since then – today though with a more efficient production facility and consequently improved air bearing quality. In addition to air bearing based handling systems Solving’s extensive product range now includes wheeled automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Up to 80% energy savings with gentle agitation

Alfa Laval AB

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/INS . Our agitators have a flexible, modular design and the modularity lends itself to ease installation and maintenance. The superior design ensures quality, performance and cost savings. The purpose-built agitators have smooth surfaces that promote optimal flow and meet stringent hygienic standards in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and home-personal care industries.

New weather analysis helps planes avoid bad weather


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/INS . Less turbulence, lower costs and increased flight safety are achieved by Aventus SIGMA, a new product that delivers weather data in real time. Its developer AVTECH is a Swedish IT company specializing in the aviation industry.

Järeät Konecranes-prosessinosturit mittatilaustyönä SSAB:lle Raaheen

Konecranes Oyj

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<p>Sampo Manninen</p> (photo: Sampo Manninen)

/INS . Konecranes toimitti SSAB:n Raahessa sijaitsevalle terästehtaalle kaksi Suomessa valmistettua, uniikkia ja asiakkaan tarpeisiin räätälöityä raskasta prosessinosturia. Konecranes tarjoaa kokonaisvaltaista huolto- ja kunnossapitopalvelua nosturin koko eliniän ajan.

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