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TEDxOtaniemi seeks joy in learning


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/INS.The one-day TEDxOtaniemi event on August 19th, 2016 combines having fun with learning at the Aalto Design Factory in Espoo.

Pankaboard opens own sales office in North America

Pankaboard Oy

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/INS . Pankaboard, a leading Finnish producer of specialty carton boards established a sales office in the US on August 8th demonstrating its long term commitment to North American markets and customers.

Biking through 5 continents to raise awareness of climate change


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/INS . Abhishek Kumar Sharma has taken an alternative approach to promoting environmental awareness. He has set to travel through 80 countries, 5 Continents, total of 90 000 kilometers, meeting approximately 10,000,000 people to raise awareness of climate change and promote environmentally friendly lifestyle. He is currently visiting Helsinki as a part of his global tour.

Looking for superior hygiene?

Alfa Laval AB

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/INS . Meet the highest requirements with Alfa Laval diaphragm valves

Iggesund focuses on Japan


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 (photo: Henrik Jern)

/INS . Iggesund Paperboard is expanding in the Asia Pacific region and will open a sales office in Japan from 1 September. Over the past year Iggesund has established a service centre with sheeting and warehousing in Taiwan to cut lead times in the region.

Kotkamills’ new consumer board machine now in production


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/INS . Kotkamills’ new consumer board machine, BM2, has started production in Kotka, Finland. A range of folding boxboards will be produced under the brand name AEGLE and a range of food service boards under the brand name ISLA.

Intelligent lifting using Smart Features

Konecranes Plc

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<p>An intelligent crane with Smart Features– safer operations and faster work cycle. © Konecranes</p>

/INS . Konecranes has over 80 years of experience with lifting applications across a wide range of process industries. Working on the production frontline of industrial customers on every continent, the company constantly has its hands on the pulse of the ever-evolving lifting needs. For example, greater control of material handling in production processes is essential for many working in manufacturing industries. Therefore, Konecranes has put decades of experience in technology and industry into its software-based Smart Features, which bring concrete benefits to lifting processes by improving safety and productivity.

Los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible de la ONU brindan una oportunidad de negocios para BillerudKorsnäs


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<p>Challenge 2016 Miami. [Image Credits: Maeva Bardy/Tara Expeditions Foundation]</p>

/INS . El incremento de conciencia ecológica traduce exigencias nuevas para la industria del embalaje. BillerudKorsnäs considera estas circunstancias como una oportunidad de negocios. Cuando Tara Expeditions, la plataforma Francesa de investigaciones asociada con BillerudKorsnäs, hizo escala en Miami en su trayecto hacia el Océano Pacífico en una expedición de dieciocho meses, BillerudKorsnäs invitó a los accionistas en su mercado Estadounidense a intercambiar opiniones sobre la contribución que podría aportar la industria del embalaje en ese aspecto.

Pankaboard continues to invest into product development

Pankaboard Oy

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/INS .   Following on from the recent investment in a new dilution headbox at BM3, Pankaboard’s investment programme has continued, with an upgrade on their BM2 machine, which produces Folding Boxboards, specializing in the heavier weight substances.

Walki helps Ecocool with thermo-covering

Walki Group

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<p>EcoCool’s thermal blankets reflect IR-radiation. Heat is kept in during transportation of sensitive chemicals in winter, while heat is kept out during air cargo for sensitive pharmaceuticals. © Walki Group Oy</p>

/INS . Expansion in the home food delivery market and increased regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is driving demand for thermal blankets needed to protect cargo during transportation.

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