Switching Device Meets New US Electrical Safety Code

Changes to the US National Electrical Code came into effect on January 1 this year. Manual controllers from the Finnish electrical component supplier, Ensto Oy, fulfill the latest criteria of new code.

The goal, of those code changes which apply to switches that control electric motors, is to improve safety features for maintenance personnel working on electrical equipment.
Ensto, anticipating the change in regulations, embarked upon an extensive testing program with Underwriters Laboratories Inc., UL, one of the major Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, NRTL, in the US. These tests were successfully completed in July last year says Marvin Lyon, president of Lyon LV Electrical International Inc. The company distributes Ensto's products in North America.

Safety concern
The changes arise out of concern for the safety of maintenance personnel working on the load side of a circuit. The regulations now demand that any switches or manual motor controllers that are used in motor circuit applications for switching and disconnecting have to meet appropriate standards for safe line-to-load isolation and be NRTL listed " suitable as motor disconnect".
Meeting the new code means that Ensto's switches are now UL listed for a variety of applications in the US and Canada. This is mainly applications in motor branch circuits of up to 50 horsepower as the motor controller and disconnect with lock-out/tag-out capabilities. Other listed applications include general use, resistive (heater) load and electrical discharge lamp branch circuits up to 100 Amperes.
In addition, the company's switches are claimed to be rated and listed for the requirements of operating with Design E type motors. With more energy efficient and environmentally friendly designs, these motors are increasingly used in the North American market, as required by the US Energy Policy Act of 1992, EPAct , and a similar Canadian law.
Ensto Oy is a Finnish-based component supplier with manufacturing in Porvoo, east of Helsinki that was set up in 1958.Today it manufacturers a wide range of products and systems for electrical applications for industrial, commercial and household use. Its turnover in 1997 was FIM 1.2 bn and its products are sold in more than 50 countries world-wide.

Ensto Control's switches have undergone extensive testing program's to meet the new US regulations on electrical safety.

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