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Lighting Norway’s tunnels

Published on

Norway has over 1,100 tunnels with a total length of over 800 kilometers. Schréder, Phoenix Contact, and Ensto work together to light them safely.

New range of enclosures for protection of electronic equipment

Published on

The Finnish company, Ensto Control has launched a new range of plastic enclosures, called Ensto Cubo O. Being the latest member of the company's wide range of plastic and metal enclosures, the series is said to be the world's first to comply to all important standards and safety regulations, including the latest Cenelec regulations.

Switching Device Meets New US Electrical Safety Code

Published on

Changes to the US National Electrical Code came into effect on January 1 this year. Manual controllers from the Finnish electrical component supplier, Ensto Oy, fulfill the latest criteria of new code.

Early approval for Ensto Switches as safety deadline nears

Published on

Early approval for Ensto Switches as safety deadline nears (photo: Administrator)

New US safety regulations come into effect on July 16 for manual controllers used in electric motor applications. Both Ensto Compact and Origin controllers and local disconnects have now gained formal approval from Underwriters Laboratories Inc®, UL®, the body that tests electrical devices and equipment for safety.