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New packaging from Walki protects food from harmful mineral oils

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<p>There is a significant risk of mineral oil migration from recycled fibre-based packaging materials. © Walki Group Oy</p>

/INS. Many packaged foods contain mineral oils, which are potentially unsafe for human consumption. Walki has developed Mineral Oil Safe Technology (MOST), an efficient extrusion coating that keeps mineral oil away from our food.

Enhanced delivery reliability thanks to a new production line in Walki

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<p>The new production line at Valkeakoski will enable shorter lead times. Kari Salminen, Ahti Vuorinen and Janne Ahonen inspecting the facings. © Walki Group Oy</p> (photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala)

/ INS. The demand for multilayer laminates is increasing and there is an extensive growth potential, particularly in the construction business. Walki is answering to this demand by investing in a new production line at its Valkeakoski plant in Finland.

Walki's new wide biomass cover doubles the energy content of logging residue

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<p>Using a wider biomass cover laminate can more than double the effect on Dry Matter Content. Walki is the only one on the market who offers six meter meter wide cover. © Walki Group</p>

INS/ Walki's paper-based and waterproof biomass cover protects logging residue stored on the ground, maximising the energy content of this inexpensive and easily accessible source of biofuel. Walki now offers a new six meter wide cover substantially increasing the energy content.

Inauguration of Walki's Wroclaw plant in Poland

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Walki's new green field plant will have an annual capacity of 50 000 tonnes© Walki Group

Walki's new green field plant in Wroclaw was inaugurated today. As the markets for both consumer and industrial packaging is growing in Eastern Europe, Poland is the ideal location for Walki to build a platform for future growth. 

Walki's new technology enables cost-efficient production of large volumes of furniture foil

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Walki's new technique for applying UV lacquer is environmental-friendly as it requires less colouring than other alternatives on the market. © Walki Group (photo: Industrial News Service)

Walki has developed a new technology for producing an environmentally friendly, paper-based furniture foil. The new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink makes the surface on the furniture foil even more resistant without compromising lightness.