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Walki's new technology enables cost-efficient production of large volumes of furniture foil

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Walki's new technique for applying UV lacquer is environmental-friendly as it requires less colouring than other alternatives on the market. © Walki Group (photo: Industrial News Service)

Walki has developed a new technology for producing an environmentally friendly, paper-based furniture foil. The new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink makes the surface on the furniture foil even more resistant without compromising lightness.

Saving Costs and the Environment with RFID Tagging

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Walki Group’s digital booster antenna manufacturing process allows manufacturing of unique antenna designs flexibly to the needs of the customer and fitted to individual items.  © Walki  (photo: Industrial News Service)

Walki’s SmartFacing item-level RFID tagging is a fast, cost-efficient and accurate solution to track inventory through the supply chain and in the retail environment. The booster antenna in SmartFacing is manufactured using a dry process with the use of laser patterning and paper as the substrate. This makes the SmartFacing concept also less burdensome to the environment.

Walki to expand its production platform in Central Europe

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Walki Group, the leading producer of protective packaging materials and technical laminates, announces today that it will expand its production network in Europe by opening a new state of the art manufacturing plant in Wroclaw, Poland. The new plant, which is to commence its production during the third quarter of 2013, will be Walki’s third production site in Poland.

Modified Production Line Opens New Doors for Walki in the Construction Industry

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Walki’s facing material is a multi-layer laminate, which makes use of the excellent gas tightness and the low emission property characteristics of aluminium.  © Walki  (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Insulation properties and the energy efficiency of many thermal insulation materials, such as polyurethane or mineral wool, can be considerably enhanced with the use of Walki facings. Helped by a significant investment in new production technology, Walki Group can offer an even wider palette of premium-quality insulation and construction facing materials to building material and insulation manufacturers – while at the same time produce less waste during production.

Walki Group Opens New Sales Office in Moscow, Russia

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“Opening a local sales office in Russia was a decisive step for us in building an even closer partnership with our key customers in Russia and other CIS countries, says Walki Group’s Chief Executive Officer Leif Frilund.  © Walki (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Walki Group, a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, has opened a new sales office in Moscow, Russia, in a bid to gain stronger foothold in fast-growing Russian and CIS markets.