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Walki Brings Higher Output and a Cleaner Production Environment to Polyurethane Soft Foam Producers

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Walki-Foam products give good chemical hold out and lower the chemical consumption of polyurethane foam producers.  © Walki  (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Finding ways to save money and the environment is important for polyurethane manufacturers. Using Walki®Peel Foam or Walki®Cover Foam protection materials helps producers of PUR foam blocks to cut down on costly chemical consumption, while at the same time reduce waste in manufacturing.

Walki to Demonstrate its Commitment toward Innovation at Moscow Forum

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Walki’s 4E Technology Business Line Manager Sami Liponkoski will hold a keynote speech and a roundtable discussion related to RFID technology at the event (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Walki Group is in the forefront of innovation and committed to being so also in the future. As one of the few companies in the field of intelligent packaging materials, Walki will showcase its cutting-edge technologies at the Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development “Open Innovations” scheduled to take place from 31st October to 3rd November.

Walki Helps French Gourmet Coffee Producer Malongo Go Green

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Malongo’s new coffee product will enter the market in December, being the first-ever fully recyclable and ecologically sustainable coffee pod product available.  © Walki  (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Walki Group, a leading producer of technical laminates and packaging materials, took up a major challenge. As a result, French luxury coffee maker Malongo will introduce, in December 2012, a novel way to pack high-quality coffee pods using environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials. The new packaging was developed in cooperation between Walki, Swedish paper manufacturer Korsnäs, and Malongo, and it could open up new doors for Walki in the future.

Walki invests in cutting-edge printing technology in Poland

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Good printing quality of Walki’s ream wrap makes a product stand out from other products. Packaging also provides protection against damage as well as a moisture barrier to the paper so that copying machines can run smoothly in all weather conditions.  ©

Walki Group, a leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, will invest in a new multi-colour flexographic printing machine in Poland to further enhance the printing quality of its ream wrap products offered to Central and Eastern European markets.

Obey optimises bioenergy yield: A proven way of boosting the energy value of wooden biomass

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Obey is a procedure for maximizing the energy yield of wooden biomass used for energy production. Protecting the energy harvest from rain and snow is an important part of the procedure. © Walki Group (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Since the global increase in energy use is showing few signs of slowing down, sustainable energy solutions have to be developed. For this reason, the energy of biomass has to be used more widely and more efficiently. In forests all over the world a huge amount of logging residue is left lying idle and the bioenergy unused. This could be changed by using Obey, a procedure for optimising bioenergy yield, based on long, Nordic traditions.