Unique vehicle mover reduces physical strain on staff

/INS. Stringo S3, the latest generation of vehicle mover, has been developed to focus on the operator and the handling technique. This means improved ergonomics and greater safety for both the operator and the vehicle.

One of the fundamental advantages of all Stringo models is their ergonomics. The fact that just one person can easily and efficiently move a car indoors with the ignition off, without putting their body under a lot of strain, reduces the risk of employees getting strain injuries.

And with the Stringo S3, the company has taken further steps in that direction by improving the working position for the operator.  

When vehicles are transported indoors the space available is often limited; Stringo S3 gives the operator a good overview and the best setup for smoothly and safely manoeuvring the vehicle over to its new location. Contributing factors here are the minimal turning angle when using a ride-on platform, a new control handle and a control lever that can be adjusted for every single operator. The new way of steering the vehicle contributes to a more relaxed handling technique, leading to more focus on the move itself.

All the regular service points are in one place to facilitate servicing and maintenance. Looking after your Stringo properly should be problem-free.

-“Every single aspect is important to us,” says Nina Thelin, CEO of Famek, the company that manufactures Stringo. She continues: “Every thought, every customer and every transport play their part in a product that transports vehicles indoors efficiently and powerfully without emitting any hazardous substances. We move seven million cars each year without spending a single penny on fuel. As well as being kind on the environment, this also benefits the staff because the risk of strain injuries is significantly reduced due to the vehicle mover taking on the heavy load. The new Stringo S3 demonstrates that we never leave anything to chance when it comes to development.”

For two decades now, Famek has invested a great deal of time and effort into moving cars as efficiently, easily and safely as possible. The company is the only business in the world that is fully focused on developing and producing the world’s best vehicle movers.

-“Every day we work on our products in close consultation with our customers all over the world. Watching, listening to and learning from the market is our way of keeping the development of the vehicle mover of the future going,”, explains Nina Thelin. “And that commitment was the starting point for coming up with our new model, the Stringo S3. The development focus centres on ergonomics, safety and making servicing flexible and easy to do.”

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Andreas Berglund, Global Sales Manager Famek

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Famek is responsible for the development, design and production of a industry-leading vehicle mover, the Stringo. Today, Stringo is used in over 40 countries to move luxury cars, family estate cars, trucks, wrecked vehicles and clay models. The company’s HQ and production facilities are based in Sweden and the company has a global network of distributors.


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