Unique vehicle mover reduces physical strain on staff

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/INS. Stringo S3, the latest generation of vehicle mover, has been developed to focus on the operator and the handling technique. This means improved ergonomics and greater safety for both the operator and the vehicle.

Easy vehicle mover for long distances

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The Stringo 450 LD is designed to quickly and safely transport vehicles of up to three tonnes over long distances. The operator has full control over loading and faces forward while driving. The roll-over protection bar and a thick rubber plate protect th (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

The convenient and efficient Stringo 450 vehicle mover has been the international car industry’s first choice when it comes to transporting cars safely and cleanly in tight spaces. This spring a new, more effective model was launched, and now the special Stringo 450 LD model is being launched. Using the Stringo 450 LD, it is possible to securely transport three metric tonnes of cars farther than with the standard Stringo 450.

Vehicle Mover increases capacity to three metric tonnes

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Stringo450_1 © Famek AB (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

The capacity of the Stringo 450 vehicle mover was recently upgraded 50% to three metric tonnes, meaning that the Mover can now also move Vans and light Trucks as easily, safely and efficiently as it moves lighter vehicles. With increased capacity, all company operations can be improved while retaining and improving time and surface area efficiency.

Environmentally friendly vehicle mover with capacity to move up to 5 tonnes

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Environmentally friendly vehicle mover with capacity to move up to 5 tonnes (photo: Administrator)

It should be possible to move vehicles weighing up to 5 tonnes in a simple and environmentally friendly way, e.g. indoors in design departments, production areas and workshops. This is the opinion of Famek AB, which is now launching the battery-operated Stringo 550 vehicle mover. The vehicle is ready for transportation within a five second loading time.