Fire & Smoke Safety for Train & Metro Leaps Ahead

/INS. New to the world fire retardant ceramifying polymeric technology allows exteriors of trains and metro cars to enhance safety for passengers and train personnel. The traditional risks from fire and smoke in tunnels are minimized. Already used against graffiti, UV, abrasion and ice, hybridRED withstands up to 1000 °C for train & metro exteriors.

Exceeding rigid EU standards

A hybridRED trial recently won a certification for retardation of fire and smoke, even at 1000 °C. Tests were conducted by VTT Technology Centre of Finland, the premiere research and technology company in the Nordic countries. VTT is part of the European Transfeu Consortium, leading standardization for fire safety engineering in rail transport.

“Meeting the EU’s latest (EN455545-2 HL3) fire safety challenge for train car exteriors has finally been achieved. HybridRED from Finnester Coatings Oy is the first proven coating, ready for market. We are currently responding to inquiries throughout Europe, South America and India.” – says Ari Hokkanen, President of Finnester Coatings Oy.

The fire trial

HybridRED, which combines organic and inorganic materials in a unique way, is designed for steel and aluminum substrates. No change in fire retardant properties occurred after accelerated outdoor exposure (tested according to ISO 4892-2 / 500 hours in 40°C, RH50%, 0.5 W/m2 (340 nm) weather cabinet: Atlas Ci3000+).

“HybridRED has the structural integrity to prolong ignition times and curtail smoke generation, which reduce the risk of fire in train or subway tunnels. This ceramifying polymeric material also protects carriages from corrosion, UV, ice, abrasion and graffiti. Smooth and gloss RAL finishes are easily applied and maintained.” - continues Hokkanen.

When exposed to fire, hybridRED forms a ceramic shield, which is stable, unlike carbon foam formed by intumescent systems. HybridRED is closer to incombustibility than any other coating solution.

hybridRED polymer ceramification

HybridRED polymers are derived from organic and inorganic materials. When combined in Finnester Coatings Oy’s unique process, entirely new properties emerge, which are referred to as a ceramifying effect.

Key Properties

•    First certified EN 45545-2 HL3 R7 fire retardant coating for train and metro carriages
•    Prolonged ignition time and curtailed smoke generation
•    Anti-corrosion and anti-graffiti properties
•    Ice and UV resistant
•    Smooth and gloss finish for all RAL colors – also transparent
•    Fast tack-free; no post-curing
•    Non-toxic, no halogens or antimony trioxide
•    Two-component, solvent based, high solid system
•    Easy to apply and maintain

In addition to hybridRED, Finnester Coatings provides coating solutions also for carriage interiors, such as pureRED that is especially designed for composites.

This mar resistant coating protects composite parts from fire and is also available in RAL colors.

Caption: Breakthrough hybridRED for new, rigid EU train and metro fire standards withstands up to 1000 °C.© Finnester

Finnester Coatings Oy

Finnester designs and manufactures specific coatings to customer driven applications.

The flagship hybrid technology provides several sister products, such as hybridWhite as anti-icing coating, hybridBlue as fouling release coating and Decotile as retiling coating.

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