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A revolutionary composite coating creates fire resistance for decorative outdoor applications

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/ins   HybridRED coating is a ground-breaking innovation in the composite industry. The product’s fire-resistant technology is based on ceramifying polymers. 

Fire & Smoke Safety for Train & Metro Leaps Ahead

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<p>Breakthrough hybridRED for new, rigid EU train and metro fire standards withstands up to 1000 °C.© Finnester</p> (photo: Andy Medina)

/INS . New to the world fire retardant ceramifying polymeric technology allows exteriors of trains and metro cars to enhance safety for passengers and train personnel. The traditional risks from fire and smoke in tunnels are minimized. Already used against graffiti, UV, abrasion and ice, hybridRED withstands up to 1000 °C for train & metro exteriors.