Telelarm buys product rights for German security system

February 7, 1995
TeleLarm buys product rights for German personal security system

Swedish company TeleLarm AB, a subsidiary of Swedish telecoms company Telia and a market leader in Sweden, has acquired the product rights to the Knorr-Bremse personal security system and will be taking over the employees in this part of the business. Under the agreement, TeleLarm’s share of the German market - worth SEK 50 million in 1994 - will increase from 10 percent to more than half.

‘With this agreement, we have created for ourselves a significant market platform in Germany in the growing personal security products sector,’ says TeleLarm Managing Director Lars-Olof Hjalmar.
The German market for personal security products is like the Swedish market of the early 1980s. In other words, technical security solutions are not used to any great extent to supplement personal care.
From this year on, the scope of German health insurance (‘Pflegeversicherung’) is being extended, with the result that technical aids can be paid for from public health funds. This puts them on a par with medicine and they are freely available on ‘prescription’.
‘The change in the legislation means that we are expecting further growth in the German market beyond its previous growth of 10 to 20 percent. In Sweden, TeleLarm has worked with local and county councils and has built up unique knowhow for which there is no equivalent in other countries,’ Lars-Olof Hjalmar continues.
In Germany there are a few companies operating in the personal security field, and Knorr-Bremse is the biggest. Knorr-Bremse is a large group in Germany which mainly manufactures braking systems for trains and buses (annual turnover around SEK 7 billion).
Today, TeleLarm exports personal security systems with a value of SEK 250 million to 12 countries. TeleLarm leads the market in Scandinavia and is among the leading companies in the world in personal security systems. Development and marketing are handled by the subsidiary company TeleLarm Care in Umeå, and the products are sold in Germany via TeleLarm Security GmbH of Munich.

For further information, contact
Managing Director TeleLarm Care Ted Samuelsson, phone +46 90 17 37 72
Finance Director Håkan Jansson, phone +49 8102 89 20 or
Information Secretary Ulf Sjögren, phone +46 8 466 4136


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