Americase Launches Customizable Li-Ion Battery Cabinet - a Game-Changer in Battery Storage Safety and Efficiency

Americase, a leading manufacturer of protective containers for hazmat and high value goods, announced today the launch of their latest innovation in battery storage safety—the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet. This cutting-edge, versatile mobile unit is designed to answer the growing needs for safe in-house thermal containment in businesses that manage lithium-ion batteries and associated products.

Redefining lithium-ion battery storage, the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet elegantly fuses mobility with stringent safety standards. Its pioneering design meets and exceeds IFC24 storage requirements, providing companies with the freedom to eliminate the costly construction and maintenance of dedicated fire-rated rooms and off-site storage for dangerous goods.

"In the realm of technological advancement, safety is not just a feature, it's a necessity. Our new lithium-ion battery storage solution stands as a testament to this belief," stated Robby Kinsala, CEO of Americase.

Constructed from robust aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring durable stainless-steel hinges and hardware, the cabinet promises longevity with over 10 years of field life. Additionally, its field-repairable and recyclable construction speaks volumes about Americase's commitment to sustainability.

The innovative isolation of each battery within the cabinet assures business owners that, in the event of a thermal incident, risks are significantly minimized, and propagation is controlled. The adaptable build and testing methods of the Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet allow it to be customized for various shapes and sizes of batteries, components, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, and other power redundancy solutions, providing unparalleled protection against thermal runaway scenarios.

"We recognize the vital importance of safety and efficiency when it comes to managing and storing lithium-ion batteries," said Chris Egloff, VP Sales, Lithium & Hazmat Division of Americase. "The Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet is a testament to our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that address these needs directly while aligning with sustainability practices."

The revolutionary Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet will be showcased at Americase's booth, number 201, during the upcoming International Battery Seminar and Exhibit, taking place March 12-15 in Orlando, Florida. Visitors will have the chance to witness firsthand the exceptional features and benefits of this all-encompassing thermal containment solution.

For more details about the new Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Cabinet and Americase's commitment to advancing battery safety technology, please visit Lithium-Ion Storage Cabinet page.


About Americase
Founded in 1985, Americase is a global leader in the custom design and manufacture of cutting-edge protection containers for the transportation and storage of hazmat and high value goods. Dedicated to mission-critical problem-solving innovation, the company provides efficient and effective answers to even the most complex shipping and storage problems. Americase supports customers across various industries and organizations, including consumer electronics, data centers, automotive, airline and general aviation, oil and gas, power tools, recreational vehicles and micromobility devices, space and exploration, U.S. Military, medical devices, and semiconductors.


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Americase is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of the world’s best protective containers, though we are so much more. Our company was built upon a legacy of innovation, perseverance, and a dedication to solving complex problems for the safe shipping and storage of high value and/or dangerous goods.

Started in 1985, Americase has as our mission “to partner collaboratively with our clients to deliver products of the highest quality every time, on time.” Our original packaging was built to withstand the rigors of commercial air travel meeting the robust ATA300 packaging standards. These rugged yet elegant designs distinguished themselves from our competition based on their field longevity and ability to protect valuable cargo. As our reputation grew, we were sought out by market leaders across a wide spectrum of industries to enhance our solutions to exceed progressively more complex performance standards.

To date our solutions are used in industries including civil and military aerospace, government and commercial space programs, oil and gas, consumer electronics, semiconductors, electronic vehicles (EV), and so many more. Americase continues to increase our product footprint because our partners understand that we provide complex, yet efficient and effective answers, based on smart and practical thinking, in the transportation and storage of high value and/or hazmat goods.

Americase will continue to leap forward built upon our legacy of building the world’s best packaging. But make no mistake, Americase is in the business of mission critical problem-solving innovation – we happen to make protection containers.