Holistic, safe system solution from Pilz for IO-Link Safety, comprising Master, field devices and accessories

For the first time, a complete IO-Link Safety System is available for safe communication at field level: The system solution from Pilz comprises Master, as well as field devices and compatible accessories. Among the first devices in the Pilz portfolio to be equipped with IO-Link Safety functionality are the safety light curtains PSENopt II advanced IOLS, the control unit PITgatebox IOLS and the IO-Link Safety Master PDP67 IOLS. The complete package from the expert in safe automation makes it easier to integrate IO-Link Safety technology into plant and machinery.

The non-proprietary, standardised communication system IO-Link and all its benefits can now be used for functional safety: with IO-Link Safety, it is now available for functional safety. Safe, standardised point-to-point communication enables safety sensors and actuators to be integrated into any existing fieldbus system, independently of higher level systems. The communication protocol IO-Link Safety is standardised worldwide in IEC 61139-2 and offers maximum safety up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 (or SIL 3 of IEC 61508/62061). As such, the universal solution provides greater flexibility, because users only require one fieldbus for various safety requirements.

Master of the safe connection
As the interface to the safety controller, the IO-Link Safety Master PDP67 IOLS from Pilz enables bidirectional communication up to field level. Safety sensors with IO-Link Safety can be connected to PDP IOLS – alongside IO-Link Safety devices, it is also possible to connect standard IO-Link sensors and actuators, as well as classic safety sensors with OSSD outputs, for example. Sensors such as the safety light curtain PSENopt advanced IOLS can be switched to OSSD technology.

Carry out commissioning and swap devices with ease
The IO-Link Safety sensors from Pilz supply important status information and offer more options in the field of intelligent diagnostics. The devices can be identified and parameterised automatically. This makes it easier to swap components and reduces plant and machine downtimes caused by repairs. Also, fewer different device types are needed, thus reducing complexity in purchasing and creating space in the warehouse. As a result, costs can be reduced and productivity increased.

Manage data and diagnostics efficiently
Seamless communication with each sensor and actuator enables intelligent data evaluation: IO-Link Safety communication occurs via unshielded cable and uses standard industrial connectors. This saves time and money when swapping devices, and increases availability.
Intelligent IO-Link Safety devices also offer diagnostic functions such as the self-diagnostic function, which enables preventive repair and maintenance concepts. For preventive maintenance, for example, single beam evaluation provides information about the signal strength of the safety light curtain PSENopt advanced IOLS. That increases the productivity of the plant or machine.
With regard to the Internet of Things IIOT, the IO-Link Safety package from Pilz supports networked plant and machinery to sensor and field level with a simple, non-proprietary solution, so opening up new possibilities for Industrie 4.0.


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