LumiSpot Tech Debuts 3km Micro size Laser Ranging Module at Wuhan Salon

Lumispot Tech's LSP-LRS-0310F Micro Laser Rangefinder Module (Ranging Module), is a paramount tool in precision distance gauging within the realm of photoelectric systems. This eye safety-certified laser module excels in delivering accurate distance readings, crucial for diverse applications requiring the utmost precision and reliability.

Technical Brilliance:

The LSP-LRS-0310F stands out with its meticulous composition, featuring an integrated laser, a state-of-the-art transmitting optical system, a high-sensitivity receiving optical system, and an advanced control circuit. This synergy allows for a remarkable operating range, capable of visible conditions visibility of up to 6km and vehicle ranging (2.3m×4.6m target) of at least 3km, under optimal conditions with diffuse reflectance ≥0.3 and humidity levels ≤80%. 

Functionality and Performance:

Designed for versatility, the module supports both single and continuous ranging, enhanced with range strobe and indications for front and rear targets. Its self-inspection function underscores the unit's reliability, ensuring consistent performance. Key performance attributes include:

- A precise wavelength of 1535nm±5nm ensures optimal laser focus.
- Minimal laser divergence at ≤0.5mrad, maintaining a tight, consistent laser spot.
- Adjustable continuous ranging frequency from 1~10Hz, catering to diverse operational needs.
- Unmatched ranging accuracy of ≤±1.5m (RMS) and a success rate of ≥98%, even with the minimum measuring range of ≤20m.
- Exceptional ranging resolution of ≤30m in multi-target scenarios.

Efficiency and Adaptability:

 Despite its potent performance, the LSP-LRS-0310F maintains energy efficiency, with an average power consumption of less than 1.0W at 1Hz operation and peak levels at a mere 5.0W. Its compact dimensions (≤48mm×21mm×31mm) and featherlight weight of ≤40g make it an unobtrusive addition to any system.

Robustness for Real-World Conditions:

The module is unfazed by extreme temperatures, operational from -40℃ to +65℃ and storable from -50℃ to +70℃. It accommodates a wide range of power supply voltages from DC6V to 36V (customizable on request), ensuring compatibility with various power sources.

Seamless Integration:

For enhanced interfacing, the module features a TTL serial port communication interface operating at 115200bps and a specialized electrical interface (A1002WR-S-6P), promising seamless integration and straightforward deployment.

Lumispot Tech's LSP-LRS-0310F is more than a laser rangefinder module; it's the embodiment of precision, efficiency, and adaptability. It brings a competitive edge to professionals in the industry, offering a blend of advanced features and uncompromised performance, ensuring that every measurement is a step towards perfection. For those seeking a reliable, high-performance ranging solution, look no further.


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