Just-in-time logistics with zero tolerance for errors

BMW supplier MM Technics will equip its facility in Prosperity, South Carolina, with the Easy WMS warehouse management system from Mecalux. The software will supervise and optimise all warehouse processes to enable the company to supply the car maker with components and tools at just the right time.

MM Technics will go from controlling all products in its warehouse manually to doing so automatically with Easy WMS from Mecalux. With the help of the WMS, the company will have all the information it needs on the status of its stock in real time. Simultaneously, it will be able to ensure the traceability of those items.

Easy WMS will be integrated with MM Technics’ SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in order for the two systems to exchange essential data and information to manage the warehouse effectively. Through this connection, managers of the centre will know what BMW’s needs are and ensure that parts are delivered on time.

The Mecalux software will also orchestrate all warehouse operations, sending instructions to operators on how to complete each task, from product storage to order picking. As a result, MM Technics will save time in operations and eliminate any possibility of error.


MM Technics’ priority is to meet its customers’ needs. With Easy WMS from Mecalux, our aim is to track material movement in real time and work more efficiently throughout the facility. We want to eliminate wrong product deliveries to customers.

Philippe Hochadel
Production Planner and Product Manager, MM Technics

Expertise and flexibility

With over 50 years in business, MM Technics produces components for automotive companies such as German automaker BMW. The company expands its production lines continually to adapt its manufacturing pace to its customers’ specific needs. The company stands out for its flexibility and reliability in providing efficient, on-time and error-free service.


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