Indian Women in Finland (IWF Ry) is a non-profit group of Indian women living in Finland. The primary purpose of this  group is to connect the Indian women in Finland and also help them adapt to the Finnish way of life. We started off in February 2015 as a Facebook group sharing essential information, giving tips, answering questions, sharing experiences and soon grew into an active community. Today IWF Ry has evolved into a family of 434 members. We organize a number of events ranging from meetups, sports, cultural gatherings, group discussions to guidance sessions. As  Indian women start a new life in Finland , IWF Ry helps  them make new friends, get all the information they need to make this transition smooth, and most importantly help them stay connected to their motherland.




When Sulkava Rowing Stadium cheered for 1st time IWF Rowers!

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On the evening of Saturday, 10th of July  2021, cheers erupted from Sulkava Rowing Stadium as the IWF Rowers' boat glided towards the finishing point.