GreenStream expands its energy efficiency business in China to chemical sector

/INS. GreenStream’s pace of growth in the Chinese industrial energy efficiency markets accelerated in November, as the Company signed its first deal in chemical industry and commissioned two more projects in steel and paper industries.

GreenStream signed a deal with Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical Company, a major manufacturer of titanium oxide powder in China. In the project the energy efficiency of the chrystallization process used in the production of titanium oxide will be improved siginificantly. The project uses a state of the art solution engineered by Finnish Neste Jacobs, and is the first of its kind installation in China. “The energy savings created in the project are very significant – estimated at 100 000 tons of steam per year and thus the coal burned to produce that steam, there are additional power and water savings. This project will be the largest energy efficiency project implemented to date by the Company” notes Harri Roto, the COO of GreenStream. GreenStream is looking forward into applying this solution to other industrial chrystallization plants in China together with it’s Finnish technology partner Neste Jacobs and Chinese cooperation partner Nanjing Baiyun Chemical Environment Monitoring Co.

November was a busy month for GreenStream. In addition to closing this first deal in chemical sector, GreenStream successfully commissioned two more projects – one in steel industry and one in paper industry.

GreenSream and Sarlin installed and started the first Sarlin Balance system in China at Xingtai Delong’s steel mill. Sarlin Balance is a unique enery saving control solution for industrial compressed air systems. The project will save significant amounts of power in addition to improving the monitoring and control of the mill’s compressed air system. “We are delighted to enter the Chinese markets with Sarlin Balance. GreenStream has been very impressive partner for us in opening markets and by financing the project. The sky is the limit for us now, as we get to add the first Chinese reference to our list of several well-known global references like SAAB, Airbus, Philips and Sulzer pumps among others” says Mr. Kari Jäminki, the CEO of Sarlin.

Further, yet another project was successfully commissioned, together with GreenStream’s long time partner Runtech Systems Ltd, this time at Shandong Guanjun Paper Co., Ltd. In the project a paper machine’s vacuum system was brought to best in class standards by replacing existing water ring pumps with Runtech’s state of the art turbo blower. “The energy savings can reach up to 50% with Runtech’s solution here, while giving our client a more stable and fully adjustable vacuum system” Mr. Roto explains. “Together with Sarlin, Neste Jacobs and Runtech, our team really outdid themselves in November by achieving so many big milestones. This is huge step forward both for us, as well as our clients and technology partners. These projects really enhance the visibility of Finnish cleantech solutions in China and boost the exports of best available Finnish clean technologies into the Chinese markets” he concludes.

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