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Pankaboard’s cartonboard grade for paper plates achieves certificate for compostability

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PankaPlex is now one of the few cartonboards that is officially certified for compostability. (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. PankaPlex, which is designed and widely used in food service applications, has now been granted the demanding compostability certificate for the substances between 190 and 240 gsm. The tests were conducted and successfully approved by the third party ISEGA Laboratory according to the European norm EN 13432 (“Packaging, Requirements for Packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation”). The norm defines the test program, conditions and the assessment criteria, which the compostable packaging has to meet.

Focus on special cartonboard and Russia

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Pankaboard uses raw-material from local, certified forests. © Pankaboard Oy (photo: Industrial News Service)

Pankaboard is a leading producer of special cartonboards and folding boxboards (FBB) for a wide range of applications, primarily packages for luxury beverages, food, health care, and pharmaceuticals. The mill’s proximity combined with flexible customer service lead to cost-efficient logistics for Russian customers and demonstrate a strategic focus on cross-border trade.

Pankaboard strengthens its speciality strategy – establishes its own sales office in the UK

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Pankaboard, a leading Finnish specialty  cartonboard producer, will open a new sales office in the UK, to strengthen its local presence in the market.

Pankaboard improves main features of its coated cartonboard grades

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Pankaboard is reintroducing its main cartonboard grades PankaBrite and PankaWhite with clearly improved product features and performance. Over the past year the company has made substantial efforts and investments in order to bring forward the overall product quality of its major packaging grades. As a result of this determined work Pankaboard is now proudly presenting cartonboard grades, which are bulkier, stronger, optically whiter and which are remarkably improved in terms of sensoric properties. In its production Pankaboard combines sustainable forest management with high ecological and environmental values. 


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Pankaboard is located close to fiber sources in Northern Carelia in Eastern Finland. © Pankaboard Oy (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Finland-based Pankaboard added to its environmental credentials after securing a certificate for complying with the latest version of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standard. Since the beginning of 2012, the company has held the FSC chain-of-custody certification.