Pankaboard invests in new headbox and sheeter to enhance product quality and customer service

/INS. Pankaboard continues with their investment program for development of quality and service of their uncoated speciality boards from BM3.

In June 2014 Pankaboard will install a new dilution head box on BM3.

The new head box will provide better formation and improved thickness profile for all BM3 products. Resulting improved product consistency and uniformity will offer better runnability and efficiency in customer processing. Bellmer and Tasowheel will make the installation during the annual maintenance shutdown during midsummer.  

In September 2014 Pankaboard will install a full-width sheet cutter for BM3.

The new sheeting line will increase the sheeting capacity for all uncoated speciality products from BM3 at Pankaboard. This investment will benefit customers by improving lead times for uncoated sheeted products by up to 2 weeks compared to today, as well as improving quality and consistency of sheeting.

Ari Vouti, CEO, commented, “It gives me great pleasure to announce these investments to our valued customers and to confirm our commitment to providing the best quality and service possible. These investments develop our market offer and strengthen our position as the leading producer of uncoated speciality boards and high substance coated folding boxboard”.

BM3 board machine produces a wide range of high quality uncoated speciality boards which will be enhanced by these investments. The end-use areas / products that will benefit include:

•    Food service: PankaPlex
•    Packaging applications: PankaStar
•    Laminated display board: PankaSilk and PankaMax
•    Capseals: PankaSeal
•    Beer-matt/Coasters: PankaDisc
•    Picture frames: PankaSilk and PankaFrame

All products are made of 100% natural virgin fibres, certified for direct food contact and available from a mill with PEFC & FSC certified chain of custody accreditation.

For further information please contact:

Ari Vouti, CEO
Tel: +358 50 599 9193
Christer Nordman, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Tel: +358 40 839 6900

Caption 1, 2:  Pankaboard invests in new headbox and sheeter to enhance product quality and customer service. © Pankaboard

About Pankaboard:

Pankaboard is a world leader in virgin-fibre, high substance, coated folding boxboards and uncoated speciality boards. The business provides material solutions for food packaging, luxury beverage packaging, food service and displays & laminates. Pankaboard is a Finnish privately owned paperboard producer, with annual net sales of over 80 million Euros and 160 employees.


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