Pankaboard’s cartonboard grade for paper plates achieves certificate for compostability

/INS. PankaPlex, which is designed and widely used in food service applications, has now been granted the demanding compostability certificate for the substances between 190 and 240 gsm. The tests were conducted and successfully approved by the third party ISEGA Laboratory according to the European norm EN 13432 (“Packaging, Requirements for Packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation”). The norm defines the test program, conditions and the assessment criteria, which the compostable packaging has to meet.

The test results prove that the specific PankaPlex products disintegrate and biodegrade in the defined and strict time limit. In addition, the material fulfills all the requirements in terms of chemical composition, including low limits of heavy metals, to avoid any harm for the environment. Hence, there is no negative impact on the quality of the final compost and the product can safely be recycled through composting.  

”We are pleased that our PankaPlex-product passed these tests and achieved the certificate. For the user of paper plates this means that plates produced from PankaPlex can easily and safely be recycled through composting together with organic solid waste. This is one more example of Pankaboard’s commitment to develop its products continuously to achieve better product safety, environmental efficiency and sustainability. “Mr Christer Nordman, Pankaboard Vice-President Sales and Marketing says.

Caption 1: PankaPlex is now one of the few cartonboards that is officially certified for compostability. © Pankaboard

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Kaisa Munukka, Technical customer service manager, Phone: +358 408274987

Mr Christer Nordman, Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Phone: +358 408396900

Pankaboard Oy is a privately-owned cartonboard and specialty board manufacturer headquartered in Finland. Its production facilities are located in the town of Pankakoski in Eastern Finland. The company produces 100,000 tons of board per year, and nearly all of it is exported to Europe, North America and Asia. Pankaboard has PEFC and FSC certification. The board-making tradition in Pankakoski began more than 100 years ago.

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PankaPlex is now one of the few cartonboards that is officially certified for compostability.


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