Pankaboard improves main features of its coated cartonboard grades

Pankaboard is reintroducing its main cartonboard grades PankaBrite and PankaWhite with clearly improved product features and performance. Over the past year the company has made substantial efforts and investments in order to bring forward the overall product quality of its major packaging grades. As a result of this determined work Pankaboard is now proudly presenting cartonboard grades, which are bulkier, stronger, optically whiter and which are remarkably improved in terms of sensoric properties. In its production Pankaboard combines sustainable forest management with high ecological and environmental values. 

Throughout the entire range of PankaBrite (GC2) the thickness of the board has been increased by 30 microns. For PankaWhite (GC1) the increase has been 10 microns. This has improved the CD  bending stiffness of PankaBrite by up to 3 %, bringing the stiffness ratio of the board closer to the optimum. This improvement will have a direct impact on ready-made packaging. It helps to protect the contents better than before. It also guarantees, that cartons will stay in better shape.

The increase in the product thickness has been achieved by optimising process conditions and improving the quality of the ground-wood pulp, which is used for the middle-layer of the boards.

Development in the quality of the ground-wood pulp has,  in addition to the increased bulk level, also enabled remarkable quality improvements regarding the visual and surface characteristics of PankaBrite and PankaWhite. More  consistent surface smoothness and appearance enables immaculate print reproduction in both offset and flexo printing.

Both products are  now optically whiter than before.  The shade of whiteness has been brought considerably towards blueish-white by optimising the surface coating.

Last but not the least, extensive work has also been carried out to improve the sensoric (odor and taint) properties of both products in order to  better meet the requirements of today’s demanding brand-owners. Pankaboard can today guarantee a level of 1.5 units for its products in the Robinson scale for odor and taint. The products are therefore  ever more suitable and reliable  for use in a wider field of end-uses.                     

As a result of  these, improvements both PankaBrite and PankaWhite are today completely refreshed products,now stronger, visually more appealing and . definitely . offering a far better printing result than in the past. Not to forget, the new, improved sensoric properties now offers a lot more new opportunities for the usage of the products.

The New products are available now. For further information and samples, please contact Pankaboard or the . sales agent for Pankaboard products  in your market.

About Pankaboard:

Pankaboard is a privately-owned cartonboard and speciality board manufacturer with headquarters in Finland. Its production facilities are located in the town of Pankakoski in Eastern Finland. The company produces 100.000 tons of board per year, . nearly all of which is exported to Europe, North-America and Asia. Pankaboard has . both PEFC and FSC certification. Board-making tradition in Pankakoski started over 100 years ago.


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