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ZEISS INTACT 1360-X inspects tires in 55 seconds

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<p>The shearography tire-inspection system ZEISS INTACT 1360-X</p>

ZEISS solution enables efficient inline quality control of new tires the fastest single machine in the world for inspecting tires will be on the market in April fast ROI thanks to drastic savings for labor costs a single machine that reduces complexity and therefore the error rate compared to solutions with a group of machines (based on the same performance parameters)

New Workflow Solution for TEM Lamella Preparation and Volume Imaging Under Cryogenic Conditions

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<p><em>ZEISS LSM 900 and ZEISS Crossbeam combined in a correlative cryogenic workflow</em></p>

ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow connects light and FIB-SEM microscopy to analyze cellular ultrastructure. With the release of ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow, ZEISS provides the life science research community with a new combined hardware and software solution for cryogenic microscopy. The workflow connects widefield, laser scanning, and FIB-SEM microscopes in a seamless and easy-to-use procedure. The solution provides hardware and software optimized for the needs of correlative cryogenic workflows, from localization of fluorescent macromolecules to high-contrast volume imaging and on-grid lamella thinning for cryo electron tomography.