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New Workflow Solution for TEM Lamella Preparation and Volume Imaging Under Cryogenic Conditions

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<p><em>ZEISS LSM 900 and ZEISS Crossbeam combined in a correlative cryogenic workflow</em></p>

ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow connects light and FIB-SEM microscopy to analyze cellular ultrastructure. With the release of ZEISS Correlative Cryo Workflow, ZEISS provides the life science research community with a new combined hardware and software solution for cryogenic microscopy. The workflow connects widefield, laser scanning, and FIB-SEM microscopes in a seamless and easy-to-use procedure. The solution provides hardware and software optimized for the needs of correlative cryogenic workflows, from localization of fluorescent macromolecules to high-contrast volume imaging and on-grid lamella thinning for cryo electron tomography.