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Dustcontrol launches a new process extraction and general cleaning range for the food industry.

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<p><strong>Caption:</strong>Dustcontrol Suction brush. <br /> The Good For Food suction brushes have a unique combination of features.  </p> (photo: Thomas Uggowitzer)

/ins Hygiene requirements within the food industry are extremely stringent. The Swedish company Dustcontrol is now launching an extraction product line for the food industry: “Good For Food (GFF)”, to be used especially “When Clean Is Not Enough”. The system is designed to contribute to safe and hygienic food production.

Dustcontrol launches unique suction brushes approved for the food industry

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 (photo: Thomas Uggowitzer)

/ins Dustcontrol is boosting its offer with suction brushes approved for the food industry. The new suction brushes combine all the features demanded by the leading companies in the industry. 

Dust-free concrete grinding boosts efficiency in construction and reduces risks to health

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Dammfri betongslipning ger ökad byggeffektivitet och minskade hälsorisker (photo: Administrator)

Ground and polished concrete floors have been developed into a global market worth billions which is continuing to grow, particularly in the United States and Australia. A limiting factor in this expansion has been the problem of handling the large volumes of grinding dust. Grinding dust which, in addition, often contains particles hazardous to health. The Swedish company, Dustcontrol, has now solved these problems with a new concept and two newly developed construction dust collectors which deal efficiently with large quantities of dust. The risk of lung diseases is also greatly reduced thanks to special pre-separators and advanced filter technology.