Master Fluid Solutions® Introduces Boron-Free TRIM® E730 Universal Soluble Oil

Master Fluid Solutions® is proud to announce the newest emulsion to join its signature line of innovative, industry-leading cutting fluids: TRIM® E730. The high-quality, universal soluble oil provides an extremely low foam, boron-free formula with exceptional machining performance.

“Our new TRIM E730 becomes the latest offering in our industry-leading portfolio of metalworking fluids. Capable of the most demanding high-pressure systems and a wide variety of operations and materials, TRIM E730 is designed to offer European manufacturers simplified fluid maintenance with one fluid to cover many different applications,” explains Justin Geach, Global Director of Marketing. “With E730 now available in Europe, we’re ensuring our customers can continue to benefit from an extremely biostable, low foaming, and universal formula that manufacturers in various industry sectors need to meet demand and improve production.”

With its advanced formula, E730 requires minimal maintenance regardless of any challenging, high-pressure fluid management systems. As a universal fluid, it has broad application in various machining and grinding operations and on a diverse array of materials, including cast iron, copper, exotic alloys like Inconel®, and nonferrous and yellow metals. TRIM E730 meets the needs of many industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and general machining where surface finish and tool life are of particular importance. The stable and predictable performance of TRIM E730 will make it a first choice for high-quality, consistent parts manufacturers that need or request boron-free formulations. In addition, the new coolant is free of chlorine, formaldehyde releasers, nitrites, phenolic compounds, and sulphurised EP additives, making it safe and easy to dispose of without any special handling or equipment.

TRIM E730 is now available for sale throughout Europe. Click here to learn more about the new product and request more information.

About Master Fluid Solutions 

Master Fluid Solutions develops and markets a full line of environmentally sound, extremely durable, and stable cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, parts cleaners, pipe and tube expansion, forming, and corrosion control fluids under the TRIM™, WEDOLiT®, and Master STAGES™ brands. Master Fluid Solutions is committed to the safety of the people who use their products, the protection of the planet, and the overall impact on their customers’ profitability. For further information about Master Fluid Solutions or its products, visit


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 Master Fluid Solutions develops and markets a full line of specialty cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds, and rust preventives under the TRIM® and Master STAGES™ brand trademarks. These products are environmentally sound and when used in conjunction with Master Fluid Solutions’ XYBEX® fluid management systems, are the most durable and stable fluid products available anywhere today. Master Fluid Solutions is committed to the safety of the people who use our products, the protection of our planet, and the overall impact on our customers’ profitability. Master Fluid Solutions serves customers globally.