Ruukki to invest in the automation at the Alajärvi panel plant and reduce its environmental impact

Ruukki Construction is to invest in an automatic sandwich panel packaging line s at the Alajärvi plant. The new line will reduce the usage of plastic packaging material and also other waste generated on the line. The new packaging line will come on stream in March 2022.

“Greater automation delivers efficiency and this is always reflected in faster and more accurate deliveries. Now also the environment benefits when automation allows us to  reduce the use of plastic,“ says Adam Korol, head of Building Envelopes.

From an environmental point of view, this investment will improve the competitiveness of Ruukki panels, as the reduction in packaging material will help customers to reduce their own carbon dioxide emissions. Customer service is also improved when sandwich panels can be packed in watertight packaging, thereby protecting the panels from moisture during transportation and storage.


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