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Qvarn Platform wins top industry prize

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<p>QvarnLabs CEO Kaius Häggblom (centre) received the award from KuppingerCole communications head Jennifer Haas (left) and analyst Paul Simmonds (right). © QvarnLabs</p> (photo: Walter Wehner Munich Germany)

/INS . Munich, Germany 12.05.2016 – The free and open source Qvarn Platform – for managing digital identities – has been awarded the prize for “Best Approach on Improving Governance and Mitigating Risks” at the European Identity & Cloud Awards 2016.

Qvarn Platform for managing workforce identities is now free and open source software

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<p>The development of the open source Qvarn Platform was led by QvarnLabs CEO Kaius Häggblom (left) and CTO Lars Wirzenius. © QvarnLabs</p> (photo: Photographer: Salvatore Ciancio)

/INS . Helsinki, Finland 10.05.2016 – With Privacy by Design, integrated Gluu access management and comprehensive support for regulatory data compliance, Qvarn is set to become the Europe-wide platform of choice for managing workforce identities and providing associated value-added services.