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Fincantieri orders full scale deployment of Climeon’s heat power solution for its cruise ships

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/INS. The world leading company in cruise ship construction, Fincantieri, has selected Climeon’s revolutionary heat power system Climeon Ocean for its energy efficient solutions. The Italian Group has purchased six Climeon Ocean™ 450M systems, which will be installed in its upcoming new cruise ships. Total capacity, on all ships is up to 2,7 MW. Fincantieri is the first shipyard contracted to install Climeon Ocean on new cruise ships.

Climeon’s groundbreaking heat-power solution wins prestigious award for marine energy savings

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/INS . Climeon AB has been awarded "Technology Innovation Award" by the multinational consulting and analytical firm Frost & Sullivan for its groundbreaking heat power solution. Frost and Sullivan rates Climeon Ocean as #1 industry solution for Marine Waste Heat Recovery. Climeon Ocean uses low temperature heat and converts it into 100% clean electricity.