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Easy as this: Reduce cleaning time by 70% and operating cost by up to 80%!

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/ins   Efficient and cost-effective cleaning Effective cleaning is critical to product integrity, productivity and profitability in all hygienic industries. By choosing the right cleaning equipment, you can reduce water, chemicals and energy costs as well as decrease cleaning time between production cycles.

Secure performance: Prevent problems before they occur

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/ins . Service tips for your hygienic equipment

Save time and lost revenue with this easy valve matrix solution

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/ins . Processes in hygienic industries - such as beverage, food, dairy, pharma and personal care - are becoming increasingly complex. Some of the challenges include higher volumes, increased efficiency, reduction in water and energy use. That is why it is essential to optimize flow management without compromising flexibility, plant safety, product quality or hygiene.

Secure easy selection and more uptime with new one-type-fits-all valve actuator

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/ins . Things to consider when choosing an actuator: 1. How many types of actuators would I like in my plant? 2. How can I ensure reliable, trouble-free performance? 3. How can I have efficient valve control and minimize human error?

Save up to 60% time and 70% water with this new powerful tank cleaning machine

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/INS .Fast and cost effective cleaning.