Ruukki launches world’s first single-family house roof to harness solar thermal energy

Ruukki is the first company in the world to launch a flexibly designed roof for an ordinary single-family home to harness solar thermal energy. This new roofing product is the Ruukki Classic Solar Thermal Roof, which has been designed to generate energy both for domestic hot water and for heating. With Ruukki’s system, the integrated heat collector blends in virtually invisibly with Ruukki’s Classic roof without the need to mount separate thermal heat collectors. Ruukki Classic Solar improves a building’s energy efficiency.

“A roof that takes advantage of solar thermal energy is a good example of Ruukki’s expertise in various roofing solutions. The Classic Solar Thermal Roof improves a building’s energy efficiency, which in turn also adds to the building’s value. On top of this, harnessing solar heat as a source of energy is also an eco-statement,” says Ari Vouti, who is Senior Vice President, Residential Roofing at Ruukki.

Thermal roof cuts energy bills

Domestic hot water can be heated by solar energy for almost half the year. During the spring and autumn months, rooms are heated by solar energy and during the summer the system significantly enhances heat pump performance. After the initial outlay, the solar thermal system generates practically free energy. In addition, the collector is almost invisible when fully- integrated into a Classic standing seam roof.

The Ruukki Classic Solar Thermal Roof is part of a solar thermal system that consists of roof-integrated solar heat collectors, the devices in the technical premises and the heat pipes between them. The heat collectors cover just part of the roof and are mounted over about three metres downwards from the ridge. The sun heats the heat collector fluid, which in turn heats the hot water storage tank.

The heat generated by a thermal roof depends on the configuration of the system, the position of the house and the direction and slope of the roof. The system produces practically free domestic hot water throughout its useful life of 25 years. A thermal roof system is ideal for single-family homes, holiday homes and low buildings with a pitched roof. The product is currently available in Finland.

The heat collection units are made at Savosolar’s plant in Mikkeli, Finland and come with a 10-year guarantee. Ruukki Classic steel roofs have a 50-year guarantee for technical performance. Since it was first launched by Ruukki in 1997, several thousand housebuilders and renovators have chosen the traditional Classic standing seam roof for their homes. Ruukki is the market leader in the Finnish roofing market

Ruukki specialises in steel and steel construction. We provide customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving. We have around 9,000 employees and an extensive distribution and dealer network across some 30 countries including the Nordic countries, Russia and elsewhere in Europe and the emerging markets, such as India, China and South America. Net sales in 2012 totalled €2.8 billion. The company's share is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (Rautaruukki Oyj: RTRKS).

Caption 1: Ruukki Classic Solar Thermal Roof. © Rautaruukki Oyj

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Collector is almost invisible when fully- integrated into a Classic standing seam roof. © Rautaruukki Oyj

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For more information, please contact:

Ari Vouti; SVP, Residential Roofing Products, Ruukki Construction, tel. +358 20 592 9009,  

Raisa Kotanen, Marketing Director, Residential Roofing, Ruukki Construction, tel. + +358 20 59 27909

Media contact: Leena Vanhanen, Director, Public Relations, Rautaruukki Corporation, tel. +358 40 549 7842,

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Ruukki Classic Solar Thermal Roof. © Rautaruukki Oyj

Collector is almost invisible when fully- integrated into a Classic standing seam roof. © Rautaruukki Oyj


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